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Driver assistance systems of commercial vehicles

by Uneeb Khan
Final Assembly Systems

In India, Dürr Final Assembly Systems has Modern Driver Assistance Systems and the accompanying sensor technology for use in vehicles such as passenger and commercial vehicles. These systems will help ensure higher safety in road traffic and set the framework for autonomous driving in the near future. Dürr is a certified partner of the OEMs of passenger cars and commercial vehicles to create and assign adjustment processes and calibration for driver assistance systems.

The biggest strength of Dürr is to comply with the requirements of every vehicle type and manufacturer. The company also helps in making adjustments for a variety of sensors.

The new x-DASalign technology used in driver assistance systems of commercial vehicles like trucks will aid in lowering India’s mortality rate and reduce the number of car accidents.

The safety applications of x-DASalign technology built by Dürr Final Assembly Systems include:

  • Lane departure warning/correction
  • Pedestrian detection/avoidance
  • Recognition of traffic signs
  • Detection of blind spot
  • Automatic emergency braking

These modern driver assistance systems play a vital role in ensuring x-DASalign technology applications’ success and involve the latest interface standards. They also run several vision-based algorithms to support sensor fusion subsystems, vision co-processing, and real-time multimedia.

The X-ironic balancer (steering wheel balance) helps communicate with the sensors’ ECUs, and x-line software is used to visualize and automate the adjustment.

The experience, skills, and knowledge of Dürr regarding adjustment products for driver assistance systems in passenger cars are utilized for adjusting the systems present in commercial vehicles.

Sensor calibration technology used in driver assistance systems like ACC, LDW, LKA, and AEBS of commercial vehicles has helped make the vehicles safer. Let’s get to know some of the driver assistance systems created by Dürr:

  • ACC – Adaptive Cruise Control

The Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) driver assistance system helps drivers choose and maintain a safe distance from the preceding vehicle. It considers the speed of both vehicles into account and ensures that the controller accelerates the vehicle to the set speed if no vehicle is identified within the critical distance.

In the geometric driving axle of the vehicle, the beam direction of the sensor must be adjusted with a tolerance of a few angular minutes to ensure the correct operation of the ACC system. This step can be attained by a rotating mirror attached to the Z column. Itis aligned perpendicular to the driving axle, as examined in the wheel alignment stand x-wheel truck d.

  • LDW – Lane Departure Warning

When the vehicle leaves the lane and warns the driver with acoustical or haptic warnings, a camera, which is located behind the windshield of the vehicle, acknowledges the activity. This is known as Lane Departure Warning (LDW).

A specially manufactured calibration target is positioned in front of the camera and aligned to the geometric driving axle of the vehicle. It is placed in accordance with the manufacturer’s specification to adjust Lane Departure Warning. What’s more, a specially-designed lighting system is available as a choice to make the lighting of this calibration panel.

Solutions for process-safe setting with an altered cycle time of the sensors of driver assistance systems at commercial vehicles include:

  1. An automatically positioning gantry system with an overhead clearance of 2.2 m for vans and minibuses
  2. An automatically positioning, floor-guided system for trucks and buses with an axle load of up to 10 tons

These solutions for adjusting the position of calibration aids are merged in the wheel alignment stands for minibusses and vans x-wheel, and the wheel alignment stands for trucks and buses x-wheel truck d. Later, a retrofit can be adjusted in the wheel alignment stands, if required.


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