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Do’s And Don’t Of Skincare During Winters

by Jan Sher
Skincare Winters

Whenever the winter season arrives, the first thing that you will start to notice is that your skin has started to get dry, itchy, and dark-toned. You’d be wondering why such a thing has started to happen, right? Well, dry, itchy, and rough skin is a special guest that accompanies everyone during the winter season. It is highly recommended that you use Dr Jart moisturizing creams to keep your skin well-hydrated during the chilly winter season.

So, if you’ve never had a skincare routine for winter, you don’t have to worry about anything. We’ve compiled a list of the dos and don’ts of skincare during the chilly winter season.

The Don’ts Of Winter Skincare

Below are some of the don’ts of winter skincare that you need to know about.

1: Bathe In Hot Water

One of the biggest mistakes that most people do during winter is to take a long hot shower. The hot water causes the skin to get red and the moisture from the skin tends to evaporate. This leads to dehydration of the skin.

2: Don’t Over-Wash Your Face

Well, we’ve just mentioned it above. Don’t shower for too long or over-wash your face with warm or hot water. The warm water will cause the moisture from the skin to evaporate thus your skin will become dehydrated.

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The Do’s To Follow For Winter Skincare

Now, it is time to shed some light on what you need to opt for during winter.

1: Do Cleansing

When winter arrives, you need to use a mild cleanser after you wake up and before you sleep. Why mild? Because it will keep your skin well moisturized and at the same time balance your skin’s pH levels.

2: Buy A Moisturizer

The skincare products that you use during summer might not be useful in winter. If you use gel or lotion to keep your skin moisturized in summer, then you need to shift to cream-based moisturizer in winter. This will prevent your skin from itching and at the same time keep it soft and smooth.

3: Eat Balanced Diet

There is a reason why it is called a balanced diet. It is vital for a human to maintain a healthy and balanced diet to boost sebum products and for maintaining the water content of the body. If you’re consuming Vitamin A, E, and C you can rest assured that your skin will glow and feel fresh.

4: Get A Humidifier

Since you will be washing your face and body with hot water, you can expect moisture to leave your body. Since you will not be consuming a lot of water, you’ll start to feel dryness on your skin. So, a better option is to use a humidifier for added moisture in the air.

5: Don’t Forget To Exfoliate

Keep in mind that if you want your skin to look and feel fresh, then you need to exfoliate three times a week. Just make sure that you do not scrub your skin too hard as it can break the skin’s protective barriers.


If you are looking for the best brand for your winter skincare routine, then you need to search for Sensoo Skincare products on the internet. They’re available for all types of skins and climatic conditions. Make sure to consult with your dermatologist before buying either of them.

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