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Don’t Compromise on the Essential Boat Parts on-board

by Jan Sher
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Boats are luxurious and highly-priced vehicles that no common person can afford. When you buy a boat you should check for the common and useful accessories that come along with it or you have to buy them. Many useful and necessary boat parts should be with you whenever you are traveling over the sea on a boat. If you are a boat owner or going to buy a boat for yourself then you have to check for the following parts. These parts are not so common and don’t come to your mind while buying a boat although these are very essential and useful. You can get these boat parts from PartsVU. Today we are going to discuss these essential and underrated boat parts that you think are not useful and essential while boat riding.

Boat life Jacket

This is the most important accessory you must have with you on a boat. As the name obvious these boat life jackets save your life and help you in any crisis. These life jackets are for every single person, they have to wear them before stepping up onto the boat. If unfortunately, your boat got into an accident, these life jackets help you to survive in the water. You don’t have to fear drowning in the water if you are wearing this boat’s life jacket. You must have to buy them along with a boat for each person according to the available seats in the boat.

Boat throw cushions

Boat throw cushions also work like a boat life jacket but in some other ways. These boat throw cushions are used to save any drowning person’s life. Like if unfortunately, you found someone drowning on your way or any person on your boat slipped in the water, you will be able to save them by drowning. You simply have to throw these cushions towards that drowning man and pull him towards your boat by pulling the rope placed on the end of the cushion.


A first aid kit must have been with you in the boat all the time. We don’t know when any accident can occur therefore it would be best to get first aid. Therefore a med kit is very necessary for the boat equipment. This first-aid kit contains bandages, sanitizers, and other first-aid equipment.

Safety kit

This kit is also very necessary in a situation where your boat stops working and there is no one to help you escape that condition. You can easily get these boat parts from partsVU. This kit contains some useful accessories and tools. Some of these are

  • Duct tape
  • Flashlight
  • Towels
  • Boat flares
  • Air horn or whistle
  • Boating goggles
  • Zip ties
  • Trash bags
  • Basic tool kit
  • Boat VHF radio
  • Spare t-shirt and gym shorts
  • Boating knife

Boating paddles

In any case, if unfortunately, your boat engine stops or dead and you can’t be able to move your boat from one place to another. This situation can scare you at that time. Therefore you must have a pair of boat paddles available in your boat. So you can easily push your dead boat in the water and makes it to your destination you can easily get these boat parts from partsVU.

Solar panels

Solar panels are the best options for backup. If your battery becomes short of energy then you would face many critical conditions like a dead engine and your boat stops responding. Batteries go die if we don’t use them for a long time. Thus solar panels are used for charging this battery from direct sunlight. If you have a solar panel on the roof of your boat the battery automatically gets energy from that solar panel which generates from the rays of the sun. There are charge controllers mounted on the solar panels. By using these charge controllers you can easily adjust the power flow.

Jump pack

As we were discussing the cause of the dead battery above the solar panel paragraph. If you can’t afford solar panels and have already bought a boat that has no solar panel features then you can keep a jump pack with you in a boat. This jump pack is the most reliable thing for keep moving your boat. This jump pack gets charged easily by a little charged water from a dead battery. You can also charge them with the car or home batteries. It does not take you much time and also helps you out with that crisis.

Boat GPS

It would be great if you install a GPS in your boat. Like if you somehow forget about your destination and see water all over your sight then you must become too much worried. Because at that time you were not able to do anything, and you don’t have any idea where should I head to. Therefore in that case this Boat GPS is a great option for you. The boats that travel across the seas must have this GPS.

Mobile phone charger

As we know mobile phones have become a need of every person from older to elder. They keep their mobile phones always in their hands and use them all day recklessly. Other than that mobile phone can provide you with many benefits while on a boat. Like you can use it as a GPS device to trace locations. And some people use their mobile phones as a flashlight. Therefore if you are planning to go on a ride on a boat then the boat must have the option of Mobile phone charging. You cannot bear your mobile dead because this is the only tool that allows you to make calls and take pictures.

Boat toying membership

If you are living away from the sea or lake then you can buy a membership for toy boating. There are many local toy boating services near the lake and seas. They provide different services in this membership

Fire extinguisher

 Lastly and the most important tool you need to keep in your boat is the fire extinguisher. As we have discussed above on any occasions that an accident can occur anytime in the sea. And if unfortunately, this accident can cause rising flames then you have to take immediate action by using a fire extinguisher.

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