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Do Air Purifiers Really Work?

by Uneeb Khan

It’s a great question air purifiers. It’s a pretty general question too. A simple, general answer is “yes”. A better answer is “it depends”. A specific answer is a little more difficult. I’ll give a three-part answer in this article. First, I’ll define the word “work” from the question to help clarify the answer. Second, as with many things in life, not all air purifiers are created equal, so generalizing them is problematic. Finally, a quick reality dose of what you can really expect from your air purifier.

The word “work” needs clarification. All air purifiers do something. The worst of them use little more than electricity. The word work here should mean “purify the air” Medical Grade Air Purifier.

A bad air purifier at work would remove almost nothing from the air. An excellent air purifier at work would remove almost all air pollutants from the air. Research what your air purifier removes and compare it to other brands for additional validity.

There is a wide variety of consumer air purifiers available in the market, ranging in price from under $ 20 to over $ 5,000.

Price isn’t the only factor determining a particular air purifier’s ability to purify the air, but it’s a good first indicator. If you’re only willing to spend $ 20- $ 200, don’t expect too much. These cleaners generally provide minimal cleaning. The $ 200- $ 800 range includes many good models, some excellent models, and some pretty bad models. Spend more than $ 800 good cleaning isn’t guaranteed, but generally you get what you pay for. For the most part, I recommend the mid-range price range of $ 200- $ 800. After you’ve decided on your price range, do your research. Before making a final decision, compare at least three models from three different brands.

For some people the question really is, “How do I know my air purifier is working?” This question is difficult to answer for many of us. If you put a decent Medical Air Purifier in a polluted room, over time you will notice the difference. If you put a decent air purifier in an average room, you may or may not notice the difference. If you put a decent air purifier in a clean room, it will be hard to tell the difference. The reality is that we may actually see or notice a difference even though the cleaner does a great job.

My best advice is to make a list of everything you can think of regarding your current air situation. Before you buy your new air purifier, make the list. Your list could include smells you perceive, particles you see, known contaminants you have, and how you and your family are feeling. After receiving your new air purifier and running it for a while, look back over your list and see if any of the conditions have improved. Improvements can be hard to quantify, so make the list and look for small changes.

The truth is that air purifiers work, and a good air purifier will purify the air. If you do the right research, you can end up with an air purifier that will serve you well for many years to come.

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