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Diwali Celebration At A Workplace

by Uneeb Khan
Diwali Celebration At A Workplace

There are few occasions, celebrations, or topics that can entice all of your employees and make the arduous effort of luring them away from their workstations simple. Diwali is a holiday that every employee looks forward to.

Go Ethnic 

Bring your best traditional costumes to work to break up the monotony. Indian ethnic clothing is steeped in culture and tradition. Diwali is the ideal moment to reconnect with one’s roots and celebrate one’s rich cultural heritage.

Get Some Henna Artist. 

We’re betting that women will prefer this surprise to the chocolates. Bring a group of henna artists and watch their faces light up with delight and their hands filled with beautiful Mehandi designs.


Lighting up the workplace with traditional diyas, flowers, and rangolis has gone out of style. LED lights, lamps, electrical diyas, paper lanterns, wall patterns, and paintings, among other things, are used to decorate everything from alleyways to work cubicles in modern offices. Other items that can enhance the decorations are floating and tea light candles, balloons, lights on plants, flower garlands, streamers, bells, and wind chimes.

Diwali Pooja 

A tiny and lively Diwali Puja/Pooja at the centre would undoubtedly invigorate you amid tedious labour on Diwali days. To avoid homesickness, solemnize the six-day festivities by following the cultural traditions with total devotion and happiness.

Diwali Party 

A celebration isn’t complete unless there’s a party. Maintain a theme Diwali celebration, such as Bollywood Diwali, in which everyone dresses up as Bollywood stars, or maintain a dress code, such as red and green or pastels, and match the theme with the décor. Fill the menu with traditional dishes and have a desi dessert counter with a variety of Diwali sweets.


Organize a group dance competition if your team members enjoy dancing. You might also hold a singing competition. Invest in a DJ and allow the party to swing and groove to the music. Change the songs to include popular Bollywood numbers and encourage all of your teammates to dance.

Exchange Gifts 

Diwali is all about food, crackers, and sharing gifts with friends and family. So, why not make your coworkers, colleagues, and supervisors happy and delighted by giving them gifts on this significant occasion at work? It is an opportunity to make this Diwali unique and unforgettable for everyone around you via gratitude and gestures. Hence, exchanging Diwali gifts is a wonderful idea. 

Diwali Quiz 

Allow Diwali to be a fun time to put everyone’s knowledge to the test by hosting thrilling quiz contests with the rule of being non-judgmental about anyone’s knowledge or talents. The quiz should include questions from current events, the Bollywood industry, the Ramayana, sports, national symbols, and others to add fun and excitement to the Diwali celebrations.

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