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Discover the famous Damascus steel, its origins, and its strength.

by Uneeb Khan

Damascus steel is a type of crucible steel that was actively made in the Middle East from about 1100 to 1700. Swords tempered with this steel were legendary for their strength. And sharpness and soon became highly prized. among the armies of the time.

They are easily recognized by the characteristic undulating patterns on their leaves.

The foundry world began to walk and man devised molds with which to obtain reproductions of the objects he created.

The technique of foundry was advancing as the ingenuity of the foundryman devised new procedures to cast new objects.

So it was the turn of knives and swords. At this time, the foundryman had stone molds for the same carving, using chisels made from other harder stones or bronze chisels previously cast in sand.

Damascus steel is considered one of the best for its hardness

The earliest description of Damascus swords dates to AD 540, but they may have been in use much earlier, as late as the time of Alexander the Great.

The steel itself was made in India, where it was called wootz. But it was in the time of Domitian that steel was installed in Damascus (the capital of Syria), together with a large number of important swordsmiths who helped make the city an important commercial center.

Damascus steel was achieved by joining pieces of iron and steel, through the welding process called “calda”.

The most common way of this union of damascene steel was the threading of various steel. And iron rods, forging that bundle and joining the rods in a single piece, obtaining. A solid bar, from which, later, they would forge the blade of the sword or dagger.

Today there are many models of Damascus steel knives and knives. With various types of handles that are considered a product of the highest quality.

Damascus steel (also known as Damascene steel or Damascene steel). Is a type of crucible steel used and made in the Middle East for the manufacture of swords from 1100 to 1700.

Damascus steel swords were legendary for their hardness. And almost eternal sharpness, they were highly acclaimed in Europe.

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