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Earlier the static posters were a popular and useful way of marketing to people. But these days, with the advances in technology, digital signage is a better and more effective way of marketing your products or services to people. Since these are very attractive, they can very easily get the targeted audience’s attention.

These days bars and restaurants are using the digital menu boards. These come in two forms. Some are standalone boards and Digitale Speisekarte Für Restaurants others are networked. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Standalone Digital Menu Board

In the standalone menu board, we have an LCD and a media player, which are integrated into a single unit. An XML file is also used, which contains the sequence information of the images, audios and videos that are to be displayed. The media content and this XML file are dragged onto the memory card.

Scrolling text is also there in some units. The units can be placed in landscape and portrait positions. And to do this, we do not need to do any re-configuration.

The size of these varies from 19 inches to 55 inches. These are not much costly. You can get one for $500.

One problem with the standalone digital menu board is that the amount of media that can be shown on the digital media is dependent on the size of memory card. This may put a limit to your creativity.

Networked Digital Menu Board

These can be seen at some big restaurants like McDonald’s. These are used in the places, where they have a defined menu throughout their locations all over the world. Using the dynamic networked solution, the menu can be changed in all locations with just one click of the mouse.

Scheduled updating of content is also provided by these. This lets the boards to be updated even when the restaurant is closed. These networked boards are controlled from a central location.

Digital Menu Boards Enhance the Eating Out Experience in Restaurants

In modern high-end restaurants and eating places, the concept of a waiter bringing their customers a menu has become outdated. New laws requiring restaurants to display all the ingredients as well as nutritional information would turn out pretty expensive, as the menu would have to be constantly updated on a day-to-day basis. This is where the concept of having the restaurant’s menu on a tablet comes into play.

Digital Menu

In the highly competitive world of restaurants and cafes, cutting costs wherever they can is an essential part of business if you are to succeed. One of the ways to bring in profits is to reduce unnecessary printing costs of fancy menus with detailed descriptions about the dishes that are being served. With new federal and state laws and regulations being introduced in many parts of the world in which all menus have to display the ingredients used in a particular dish. These would include the number of calories, fat, sodium, and other nutritional data about the dish in question. This could be very disruptive in a restaurant or deli, but by making use of digital menu boards, you can do all this very quickly.

Remote Updating

Today, restaurants all over the world try to enhance the eating out experience by bringing in exotic dishes and products used in these dishes. It would be a drain on your precious resources if you have to change the items on your menu on a daily basis. Even displaying different menus for different times of the day or week would involve a lot of menus being made, printed, and displayed. By using digital menu boards, it would be just connecting the units to a PC to update your menu from a breakfast service for lunch, and then to dinner. All this can be done with a few strokes of the computer keyboard; for some of the more sophisticated units, updating can be even done remotely.

Promotions and New Products

Another big advantage in using digital menu boards in a grocery is the saving of costs for changing items printed or written down on a display card; with digital boards, you can inform customers about new prices, items that are out of stock, and promotions going on. If there is a big discount sale going on in the grocery or if new products are digitalen menu being introduced, it would be much easier to use digital devices to inform your customers by displaying all the details about the items, the prices, and colorful displays of the products in question. This method of displaying exceptional or promotional items on your digital display board would be more eye catching and impressive than a static poster stating facts. By having these units in key areas around the store, you can inform a lot more customers at one time, saving you and your staff time and money.

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