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Secured Your Business With Serverwala Dedicated Server Los Angeles

by Uneeb Khan
secure your business with dedicated server los angeles


Being overwhelmed by the growth of web business, owners miss out on data protection. We know that modern internet technologies have given a lot of opportunities to grow business online and make profits. 

In modern technology, you must have a Secure Dedicated Server in Los Angeles for your business to protect from various and exposing important files. Which can put your data at risk from any end, resulting in complete loss of your business as well as its reputation.

And here Serverwala provides you with a secure & cheap dedicated server solution for your web business. This is an affordable web hosting company that offers Los Angeles dedicated servers with the best services & support facilities. 

Before discussing the company’s features and plan, let’s get into the working and usage of dedicated hosting. You can also call a bare metal dedicated server a single-tenant physical server or managed dedicated server.

Bare Metal dedicated server

A bare metal dedicated server may also be called a single-tenant physical server or a managed dedicated server. Bare metal dedicated servers provide entire server space to your business website. You can have full access to all server resources provided by your host provider.

A web business owner can manage their data center or dedicated servers in a colocation center. You can rent servers through your managed service provider on a monthly or hourly subscription basis.

Why do You need to shift your website to a Los Angeles dedicated server?

shift your website on dedicated server

The dedicated server hosting in Los Angeles is the best choice for your web business if you want the following points

  • Enjoy a faster loading experience and more bandwidth to handle your business traffic.
  • You can rent an entire dedicated server to host your business website.
  • Unknown users cant access your server’s interface without your permission.
  • You can physically isolate your data, applications, and other resources with a high level of privacy and security.
  • According to your web business needs, you easily customize your server.

To rent the entire server and enjoy the right overall privileges, Los Angeles Dedicated Servers has a higher cost as compared to other hosting servers. However, Serverwala Company brings you cheap dedicated servers in Los Angeles with world-class service.

Serverwala Cloud Data Center:- Intro

Serverwala hosting provider company is one of the top industry-leading organizations in the world. It provides the cheapest dedicated hosting for your business website. Serverwala hosting company does not compromise on rendering intensive and high-class features due to low cost.

Safest and highly secure bare-metal dedicated servers are provided by the Serverwala. You will get the cheapest dedicated servers in Los Angeles with a high level of security features.

In addition, Serverwala Company provides you with data encryption, backup, SSL security, and DDoS protection with their servers. The company also gives you more security layers on your servers to protect your web data from malware.

Read the following section to learn more about the company’s dedicated server, features, security, and server cheap plans in Los Angeles.

Best & Cheap Serverwala dedicated server hosting Plans in Los Angeles

cheap dedicated server hosting plans

The company offers various dedicated server hosting plans in Los Angeles for various online businesses. You can choose the hosting plan that best suits the current development of your business website.

You can easily upgrade your current plan or increase your purchased resources over time. Our company offers you high scalability with each plan. So that you can change your plan with future website needs.

The more you can estimate the higher flexibility you will have in using your cheap dedicated server in Los Angeles under the company.

With managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting plans, you also get 24/7/365 technical support from the expert team of Serverwala hosting Company. They will provide immediate assistance on all your queries.

Benefits of using Serverwala dedicated server Los Angeles

Hardware RAID:-

A redundant array of independent disks(RAID)- 0,1,5,10 support provide you with the company’s dedicated server Los Angeles hosting service. You get the opportunity to buy them at an additional cost if needed.

Premium Bandwidth:-

Your business website will have an adequate and fastest network with a dedicated server in Los Angeles. For your site, you will always be able to get premium bandwidth for data transmission. The company offers bandwidth experience ranging from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps.

Private VLAN subnets:- 

It will be easier for you to build a private server cluster with Serverwala’s best-dedicated servers in Los Angeles. You will be able to do this using a 10GBPS Virtual LAN subnet.

IPv4 and IPv6

You surely know the importance of dedicated IP addresses. Each IP address is unique which helps your website to get a better ranking on SEO search results.

Plus, it protects your website from being black-listed for unacceptable actions from other websites. You will get an IPv4 and IPv6 address for your web business from Serverwala. 


At a cheap price, you will get a highly secure and the best-dedicated server all around the globe. We will give you the complete worth of your investment. You can choose the best plan for your web business.

And for any other queries and concerns, you can call our company’s customer supports service. Or, you can visit our company’s international website to acquire more details about the cheap dedicated server in Los Angeles.

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