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What are the types of Conveyor Pulley Lagging?

by Uneeb Khan
Conveyor pulley

The purpose of conveyor pulley is to improve the friction of the conveyor belt. Also protecting the shell from harm. There are many kinds of pulley lagging Ceramic and rubber lagging.

Each kind of pulley lagging comes with distinct specifications and functions. We will discuss in greater in detail in this article. The most suitable kind of pulley is extremely dependent on the layout and use for the conveyer.

Rubber Lagging

Rubber is the most commonly used kind of conveyor pulley lagging, as it is among the most economical components for conveyors. It is a flexible material that can vary in thickness, hardness. The type of grooves. Two main kinds of rubber lagging include:

  • We sue Plain Rubber Lagging Non-drive pulleys to give more friction to the belt conveyor. One benefit of this choice is that it doesn’t raise the friction. As it can make the conveyor belt wear more quickly.
  • Diamond/Herringbone/Chevron Grooved Rubber Lagging. Also, It is ideal for pulleys that need more tension on conveyor belts. The diamond grooves of rubber give it more flexibility in moving and bending along the conveyor belt. Another benefit is that it dries water from the pulley to stop slippage.

Ceramic Lagging

You can employ Ceramic lagging in harsh environments that require long service. It lives as well as the usage of tough materials on conveyor components is necessary. There are two kinds of ceramic lagging choices:

  • The dimples of this kind of lagging provide significantly more grip and friction. We found this when as compared with other types of materials. Dimples press down on the belt, aiding in the efficient operation of the conveyor. The quantity of ceramic coverage you choose will be determined by the level of friction and grip needed for the application.
  • We also use it in conjunction to connect non-drive pulleys. It provides a compromise between ceramic dimple lagging as well as rubber.

The importance of Pulley Lagging

Picking the right pulley lagging is going to improve the friction and prevent the belt from sliding. This will prolong the lifespan the belt will last. Particularly, when it comes to applications that require large rotation speeds. High-quality conveyor components are an investment for your company. Since they reduce wear on the equipment, and enhances the benefits of your equipment. Read more.

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