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Convert Bigha to Square Feet – 1 Bigha in Square feet

by Uneeb Khan
Bigha to square feet

In India, Bigha is used as a traditional measurement unit of land. It is mainly used in northern India and some other parts of the world, primarily in Bangladesh and Nepal. The value of bigha is not uniform throughout, so the conversions of bigha to square feet need variable calculations.

Native populations of numerous Indian states and regions will choose to conduct land transactions using conventional and time-tested land measurement and terminology. They also rely on their prior knowledge of Bigha, even though their values may differ significantly from those of numerous other Indian states.

Value for 1 bigha to square feet for different areas in India

  • Assam – 14,400 square feet.
  • Bihar – 27,220 square feet.
  • Gujarat – 17,427 square feet.
  • Haryana – 27,225 square feet.
  • Himachal Pradesh – 8,712 square feet.
  • Jharkhand – 27,211 square feet.
  • Punjab – 9,070 square feet.
  • Rajasthan –
  1. 1 pucca bigha – 27,225 square feet.
  2. 1 kuchha bigha – 17,424 square feet.
  • Madhya Pradesh – 12,000 square feet.
  • Uttarakhand – 6,804 square feet.
  • West Bengal – 14348.29 square feet.

For an accurate conversion, individuals can use the area conversion calculator for their ease. The area conversion calculator not only helps to convert bigha to square feet in seconds but also other units.

Steps to use the calculator for bigha to square feet conversion –

Step 1:On the area conversion calculator, enter the Property Unit

Step 2: Enter the Area Unit.

Then, the bigha to square feet calculator will show the conversion values in all other area units, namely square feet, square metres, hectares, bigha, acre, guntha, grounds, biswa, and Kanal.

For example, if one user enters “1” in property value and “bigha” in the area unit, they will receive the conversion value of 1 bigha for every area measuring unit. The values will be 17424 square feet, 1620.4320 square metres, 1936 square yards, 0.1619 hectares, 0.4000 acres, 16.0000 guntha, 7.2600 grounds, 0.0500 biswa, 0.1614 Kanal, and 16.1933 acres.

How it is Beneficial?

To get uniformity in calculations, lenders often prefer to convert the area of the property into standardized units, such as square feet. So, if someone is opting for a loan against property or simply a mortgage loan, they may need to convert bigha to square feet.

Borrowers opting for a loan against property can avail of tax benefits. Apart from this, other benefits include-

  1. High loan amount – Mortgage loans prove higher loan amounts than personal loans. So, by availing of a LAP, one can meet their big-ticket expenses easily.
  2. Minimal documentation – The documents required for availing of a LAP are minimal, making the application process hassle-free for prospective borrowers.
  3. Higher repayment tenor – As an asset-backed financial instrument, applicants can opt for longer repayment tenor and reduce their EMI significantly.

Steps to Apply for Funds against property

Step 1: Carry out a research  

Before choosing a lender for a loan against property, prospective borrowers should conduct thorough market research. The borrower should choose a lender based on the most affordable necessities. The necessities include lower interest rates, processing fees, foreclosure charges, and others.

Step 2: Estimate property value

Applicants should estimate the maximum value of their property before choosing a lender. The price of a property depends on several factors like the age of the property, its location, and others.

Step 3: Verify eligibility 

To qualify for a loan against property, one must check the chosen lender’s eligibility criteria. Though the eligibility criteria for a loan against property are easy to meet, one must check different lenders and compare. The eligibility parameters differ from one financer to the other, yet the common factors are an applicant’s age and profession, loan amount, loan tenor etc.

Step 4: Properly fill the application form

After selecting a lender, borrowers should fill the application form correctly. The application form can be filled either online or offline.

Upon submitting your property and related documents, a representative from the lender will visit your address to verify the documents. So arranging all the necessary documents beforehand can be time-saving. So, one must check the list of documents needed to apply for a loan against a property to avoid rejection.

To streamline an applicant’s loan availing process, leading financiers in India provide-approved offers. These offers are available on a variety of financial products like a home loan, loan against property, and others. You can check your pre-approved offer by submitting your name and contact details.

How to Convert Bigha into Sq Feet Online?

So, before availing of a loan against property, a borrower must know the exact property size to get the required loan amount. In this regard, using an area conversion calculator to compute bigha to square feet conversion will be helpful.

There are multiple online calculators available to help you determine the conversion of Bigha into sq feet and vice versa. Follow the following steps:

  1. Figure out the value of Bigha in your state.
  2. Search for online conversion calculators.
  3. Select ‘Bigha’ in the ‘from’ field and ‘square feet’ in the ‘to’ field under the unit measurement options.

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