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Common Mistakes You Must Avoid When Investing in a Video Production Company

by Uneeb Khan
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Videos have revolutionized the marketing industry in a completely new way. With no signs of decreasing, more than 60% of organizations already use video marketing. Additionally, 80% of those businesses consider video marketing to be the most crucial component of their marketing strategy. Videos can offer a great return on investment when used properly. On the other hand, a poorly executed video can have the opposite effect. As a result, there are several video production mistakes that you can easily avoid.

Today, not every business can handle video marketing on its own, as there are a lot of other factors that need equal importance. A company or brand may choose to contract out its video marketing at this point to an experienced video production house in Hong Kong.

But there are times when even a professional company may not give you the results that you expect. This is because videography is a specialized subject and a dynamic industry.

Here are some of the most common mistakes businesses make when selecting a commercial company. These are:

  1. No proper analysis: Assuring that the requirements analysis is done correctly is the first stage in video production. It determines how successfully the subsequent phases will proceed in the future. You must speak with your company and ask them to develop a sound strategy for you. The best strategies also include comprehensive needs analysis. Most newer agencies often skip this step and move forward toward execution and development. Without a thorough analysis phase, things might soon turn bad, which can be damaging.
  1. Videos lack a goal: Having an aim is crucial for making a high-quality video. One of the most costly errors we see organizations make is failing to decide on the overall message of the video. Retaking scenes when a crucial element was overlooked can be quite expensive. Every video should also have a clear goal that explains what you want viewers to accomplish. So make sure to write your script before you even think about trying to film it.
  1. Inadequate budget formation: You must talk about your budget in advance with the video production company that you are hiring. It is an important factor on which the complete project depends. You can also receive quotes from different companies and then make your decision. But having a budget is a must, and another party should know about this.
  1. Not focusing on one message: If your video has multiple messages, it will appear disorganized and unfocused. For instance, your video cannot discuss your new product, new workplace, and exceptional staff at the same time. Your audience won’t learn anything if you try to convey too many ideas at once. They may lose interest and turn off the video as soon as it starts. For this reason, pay attention to the message that the video will convey when searching for video production in Hong Kong.
  1. Making lengthy videos: The importance of time in video production cannot be overstated. For instance, Instagram videos had a maximum duration of one minute a few months back. Brands using the platform for marketing had just that much time to get their point across. Your video’s first 10 seconds will decide whether viewers stick around or click away. They’ll lose interest if it goes on for too long, too. Getting your point over as quickly as you can is the best course of action. Keep the length of the video in the middle; avoid making it either too long or too short.
  1. Ignoring the importance of equipment: Often, high-tech and costly equipment is used for video production. Asking a video production company about the cameras and equipment they plan to utilize for your video is a good idea. In this way, you’d know that you are not settling for a low-quality video that can impact your brand’s identity.


When done effectively, video marketing may be a very effective advertising tactic. It helps your brand perform successfully and engage with customers more effectively. The only things that can prevent this from happening are the mistakes stated in this article.

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