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Children’s health is harmed by polluted air:

by Uneeb Khan
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You certainly breathe filthy air because, although you could not visualize it. Nine out of ten people on the planet consume oxygen, that’s also harmful to their well-being. Each organ and cell in the system is invaded by undetectable particulates, which lead to chronic and acute illnesses like asthmatic, seizures, heart problems, and Alzheimeralzheimer’s. Annually, air pollutants result in about 4.2 million premature deaths and deaths.

3. Children’s health is harmed by polluted air:

All subsequent generations, including our offspring, have a right to breathe air quality. The right of 93percentage points of young kids to thrive in such a healthy and clean environment is ignored.

From the time of their initial inhale, whenever the building blocks of progress and mental skills are created, many newborns inhale contaminated air. A children’s freedom to interact, toward education and overall fitness are all adversely affected by environmental factors. Such elements harm the developing brain and are associated with psychological and psychosocial problems.

4. The far more vulnerable are heavily impacted:

Those less at fault for air quality frequently experience the harshest consequences. The vulnerable and disadvantaged groups are more inclined to work or reside in areas with high pollution levels or crowded neighbourhoods. People’s inability to labour or receive an education due to the effects on their condition worsens inequality and disadvantage.

5. Responsible living must be encouraged in our communities:

Numerous communities all across the globe emphasize the circulation of automobiles over humans. According to projections, 68percent of the global total will reside in cities by 2050. About 50% of urban dwellers worldwide have easy accessibility transportation, nevertheless. The oxygen we inhale, in addition to our healthcare, security, and general health as urban residents, are all influenced by the way our towns are built; therefore, as a result, how we commute.

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