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Cheap Restaurants For A Group Near Me California

by Uneeb Khan
Cheap Restaurants For A Group Near Me California

Whether you are picking a restaurant for a date, hanging out with a few friends, or having a solo night out, there is always a good chance to enjoy food in an affordable manner. 

On the other hand, many people have the idea that consuming various delicious foods means wincing internally when needed to pay the bills. In this article, we are going to discuss with you some Cheap Restaurants For A Group Near Me California. 

Cheap Restaurants For A Group Near Me, California

There will be some neighborhoods in California where it is hard to find such restaurants where you can enjoy delicious platters at low prices. 

Actually, there are so many Cheap restaurants where it will be difficult to get food at affordable prices because maximum restaurants are inaccessible to average-income people. 

Apart from that, others are big-deal restaurants. Below we have discussed the cheap restaurants for a group near me in California so that you don’t need to book a Restaurant Consultant to get suggestions about the same.

1)Sunday Gravy

While you are planning a trip to Los Angeles and want to have a meal in an affordable restaurant, then it would be great to go head-to-head at Sunday Gravy. 

It is located in Inglewood, which is in Los Angeles, on Centinela Avenue. When the heaping platters come out from the kitchen, it will seem what you have actually wanted for a lazy holiday. 

There are several delicious and delightful main courses such as spaghetti and meatballs, a chicken parmesan sandwich, and another mastermind hand-touched mouth-water menu. The signature ingredient of this restaurant is red sauce. 

Apart from that, the quantity of each dish is big enough that you can easily enjoy food with your large group of friends and the cost is very affordable, just $20 or a little more than that. The traditional foods of other nations are also available, and one of them is white Italian lasagna with creamy spinach and button mushroom. 

2)Cha Cha Chicken

It is hard to find BYOB restaurants in Los Angeles, California. But there is one BYOB restaurant in Santa Monica on Ocean Avenue in Los Angeles. In this case, Cha Cha Chicken can bring you a whole pack of tequila to sip. 

Therefore after soaking up perfectly in some rays at the ocean edge then, it will be the perfect time to sip the entire handle of tequila. 

The beachy food hub serves several Caribbean dishes with a variety of twists from different nations, such as Latin twist, coconut fried chicken, ropa vieja, jerk salmon taco-like tropical style, and so on. Therefore it will be a great restaurant where you can enjoy a big group dinner at an affordable price. 

3)De La Nonna

De La Nonna is not just an open-air district spot with an obvious party atmosphere, but it is also a pretty affordable restaurant in Los Angeles. The best affordable meal at the counter service spot is the $75 “Nonna Pack.” It comes with two special 12-inch pizzas, a bottle of wine and a caesar salad. 

Therefore you have already understood that it is impossible for a single stomach to finish a 12-inch pizza, but although it is more than 1. Therefore you can easily enjoy this heavy deal with a group of four big foodies. 

In this case, you will not think twice about ordering this big meal because it comes at a reasonable price. Despite the special deal, the De La Nonna’s thick rectangular pies range around just $20 each. They are good in size and come loaded with fresh pizza toppings such as roasted fennel seeds and pesto. 


Another favorite dinner spot on the eastside is Mazal. It is located on San Fernando road in Los Angeles. This affordable vegetarian shack has been decorated with awnings and string lights, and the patterned concrete walls are fascinating. 

There is also an old tattered basketball hoop which is hanging in the back as well. But unfortunately, it is not used for playing basketball but as a decorative element on one side of the restaurant’s wall. 

On the other hand, Mazal has more than just offering space. The menus are so mouth-watering, and the surprising part is that all foods come at a very affordable price. The signature dish of this restaurant is Smoky Baba Ganoush which is filled with mashed potatoes mixed with feta, olive, or pesto. 

The huge quantity will be really an overeating for one person. Therefore everything is shareable within just $20, and the glasses of wine probably won’t make you stressed after getting bills on hand.

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We have mentioned a few affordable and group-friendly restaurants above in this article. Apart from that, there is Lasita, Jame Enoteca, Kagura, and so on. It is very hard to find Cheap restaurants in California, but Yangban Society in the art district mainly provides this opportunity to eat more at less price. Are you waiting to have a proper meal in California? Then visit this spot to have more fun and enjoy mouth-watering dishes at a very reasonable price.

Thank you for reading till the end. 

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