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Change the Way you Think Of Health and Wellness With PEMF Medical Device

by Uneeb Khan
PEMF Medical equipment

Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) therapy employs technology to stimulate and exercise cells in order to aid in the resolution of cellular dysfunction and to promote overall wellness. 

This process boosts your natural energy and helps your body function better without requiring any invasive procedures. 

If you are suffering from a general or specific health problem and want a drug-free solution, here are some of the best PEMF Medical Devices to look forward to in 2023. 

Omnium1 Technology 

In a single system for home use, Omnium1 technology combines the findings and efficacy of basic PEMF research with the essence of all-natural electromagnetic waves.  

Omnium1 Device contains a control panel to assist in giving commands and a D/A converter that acts as a connector between the control panel and accessories. Let’s get more details about the accessories available for this  PEMF Medical Equipment.

  • OMNIMAT: If you’re looking for a full-body device, an OMNI Mat is a great option. A total of six built-in, rock-solid copper coils are arranged in three pairs with different windings to deliver electromagnetic waves over the entire surface mat, providing immediate effects throughout the entire body. It enables patients suffering from muscle and joint pain to experience immediate pain relief.
  • OMNIPAD: This is an excellent option if you are looking for portable equipment for a small area, such as a knee, hand, or neck.
  • OMNIBRAIN: The OMNIBRAIN is the most recent advancement in the rapidly evolving field of neuroscience, employing a non-invasive magnetic method to target specific areas of the brain to assist the user in achieving a desired state of mind such as sleep, deep meditation, or concentration, as well as specific parts of the body to increase oxygen supply to tissues to aid recovery.

iMRS prime Technology

It is time to change the game with the revolutionary iMRS Prime, known as the “PEMF Game Changer.” The combination of world-class PEMF technology and cutting-edge far-infrared (FIR) therapy is unique and unrivaled.

The new gold standard in holistic, low-pulsed electromagnetic technology for personal well-being comes with the following accessories.

  • Control Panel: This control panel features an LCD touch screen display that enables you to give commands accordingly.
  • The connector box: It works as a gateway between the control panel and other accessories.
  • The applicator:  Every PEMF applicator acts as the conductor of the exposed signal patterns to the receiver, making it the most important component.
  • Exagon Mat: With six built-in, rock-solid copper coils divided into three pairs, the mat allows for variable field intensity over the entire surface.
  • Exagon FIR: The Exagon FIR is a PEMF applicator that has a specific carbon fiber wire pattern that is insulated! By controlling the wire structure, the iMRS Prime operating panel is able to provide the proper exposure and temperature of far infrared wavelengths.
  • Exagonpad & Exagonspot : These two accessories are used to treat specific body parts, such as the elbow, thigh, and ankle.

Reasons to Buy This Equipment

If we are so confident in recommending this device, it means there is something really special about it. Let’s find out what that is:  

Easy To Use: PEMF therapy using earth-based frequencies and intensities is made simple with the quick start presets included in the Omnium1 & iMRS Prime systems. If you select the appropriate preset for your needs, the system will handle all of the work for you. A variety of options are available, including activation, performance, regeneration, relaxation, and sleep.

FDA Approved: When it comes to your health and body, the first thing you should think about is safety. To ensure safety and dependability, choose machines with FDA-approved labels. The Omnium1 2.0 and iMRS Prime are the only PEMF systems in the world that have been medically approved to reduce pain, improve microcirculation, promote bone healing, and so on. 

Monitor & Evaluate the Immediate Effect:  Most home PEMF systems are not equipped with sophisticated monitoring and analysis technology capable of measuring physiological functions during an external stimulus. It is quite the opposite in the case of Omnium1 & iMRS Prime systems.

With the help of a sensor, they provide useful information about the body’s biofeedback. One of the most simple, effective, and medically recognized forms of biofeedback is measuring heart rate variability (HRV), using a pulse rate monitor (finger or ear sensors).

By using this information, PEMF devices can adjust the intensity of a field during an application, creating a customized therapy session.

Conclusion: The article was written with the goal of providing you with useful information about this evolving technology. We hope you find it useful. For more detailed information, we recommend contacting your health professional.

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