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CareLogic, CareLogic EHR, and CareLogic EHR

by Jan Sher

Choosing the right Health Care provider for you and your family is a vital decision. This article will cover a variety of topics, including financial, clinical, and administrative aspects.


Developed by Qualifacts, careLogic ehr is an ONC certified EHR that is capable of empowering providers with robust clinical, administrative, and financial capabilities. With CareLogic, providers can easily track patient progress, perform e-prescriptions, and schedule appointments. These functions are enhanced with the help of a mobile app.

CareLogic boasts an easy to use interface that is browser agnostic. The software boasts the ability to create new orders via the mobile app. It also features an easy to use search option for client documents. The software also features a suite of evidence based practices and a robust reporting tool. The software is also equipped with automatic claim generation.

CareLogic boasts a suite of features that is designed to enhance the performance of its medium to large sized users. With CareLogic, providers can easily configure their practice and fully customize their experience. The software is a top performer in the Best in KLAS: Software and Professional Services report.

CareLogic is a complete solution for behavioral health providers. It connects agencies to other important players in the field, including labs, HIEs, and third-party software solutions. The software is designed to unify behavioral health records, streamline business processes, and enable providers to provide better client outcomes. The software has been used by more than 300,000 medical staff in the US.


Designed specifically for human services organizations, Carelogic EHR clinical features allow providers to achieve better client and customer outcomes. The EHR software is also customizable, empowering providers with robust financial and administrative capabilities. The EHR platform is available for midsize to large organizations. CareLogic is an ONC-ATCB certified electronic health records software.

CareLogic is a cloud-based EHR solution that allows users to customize and configure the system to meet their individual needs. The EHR features include billing, treatment planning, and scheduling. It also includes integrated reporting, document storage, and document sharing. It also supports electronic prescriptions and progress notes.

CareLogic EHR integrates with patient scheduling to make the process of patient care easier. It also includes tools to help users improve patient care coordination. Integrated reporting allows users to view information quickly to assess the health of their organization’s operations. It also supports automated claim generation.

Carelogic is designed for use by behavioral health and human services organizations. It connects organizations to key partners and provides patients with direct communication channels. It also helps agencies to better manage referrals and manage patient data. It also connects agencies to local hospitals and health information exchanges (HIEs).

CareLogic is a robust and scalable EHR platform that can support organizations with multiple locations. The EHR is suitable for behavioral health organizations, pediatrics, family medicine, and internal medicine. The interface is easy to use, making it suitable for physicians, health providers, and health administrators.


Designed for behavioral health organizations, CareLogic EHR is an online electronic health records system. It offers an array of features, including patient scheduling, billing, e-prescribing, and clinical documentation. This solution is also ONC-certified. Carelogic EHR can be accessed from desktop PCs, tablets, and mobile devices.

CareLogic EHR is designed for organizations with multiple locations and programs. It is a highly configurable system that empowers providers with robust clinical, financial, and administrative capabilities. It also includes a number of features that help increase productivity, accelerate the revenue cycle, and improve patient care.

CareLogic offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface that can be used by all levels of employees, including front desk staff, health providers, trainers, and technical analysts. This software also includes a variety of reporting features that allow users to monitor and analyze their business operations in a graphical and easy-to-understand format.

CareLogic also includes a variety of other features, including automated claim generation, a family portal, and a patient portal. These are all features that help organizations streamline their business processes. The company also has a support team that can assist with the implementation of the solution. The team can manage projects from start to finish.

CareLogic is a fully-integrated EHR that helps providers track their patients’ health status, manage referrals, and provide evidence-based practices. The system is also designed to support electronic prescriptions, scrubbing, and SOAP notes.


Developed by Qualifacts, Carelogic is a cloud-based EHR that is capable of handling the medical records of patients of all types. It is a dependable system that can help organizations flourish in a fast-changing environment.

Carelogic is designed to streamline the workflow of administrative staff while improving clinical outcomes. It also allows users to manage patients’ financial data, in addition to their clinical data. It also supports e-prescribing and claims error correction. CareLogic EHR is available on desktop PCs, tablets and smartphones.

Carelogic is a comprehensive EHR system that can handle multiple specialties, including internal medicine, pediatrics, psychiatry, family medicine, cardiology and more. It features an intuitive design tool that allows providers to create an unlimited number of service templates. It also has a billing module that supports the electronic prescription and SOAP notes.

The Carelogic EHR also has a family portal, which is a digital record of family members’ medical history. It also has a patient scheduling module, which is useful in helping practices manage their schedules. The Carelogic EHR is a reliable system that can be accessed on desktop PCs, tablets and smartphones. It is also a credible EHR platform that is designed for agencies with multiple locations.

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Behavioral health and human services aficionados have a new shiny in the form of the CareLogic EHR, a cloud based practice management solution that is set to become the state’s next big thing. While the EHR has been in the works for a while, the state’s leading mental health care provider has jumped on the bandwagon and opted to deploy it across its network of 40 outpatient clinics. While the CareLogic EHR may not be a replacement for its legacy counterpart, it has a few tricks up its sleeve that can make it a worthwhile upgrade.

Although the CareLogic EHR has a few kinks to work out, it’s a slick tool for those seeking to improve their bottom line. The company boasts a robust suite of features to enhance patient care, reduce medical recoupments, and lower account receivable balances. In fact, the company has personnel with specific EHR expertise. If your healthcare operation is in the market for a new EHR, the company’s personnel can help you select the right platform for your needs.

CareLogic’s EHR is not a replacement, but it does offer a slick mobile solution that you can take with you at the point of care. It also boasts an ad hoc reporting tool and real-time forecasting to name a few.


Founded in Nashville, Tennessee in 1994, Qualifacts is an industry leader in providing behavioral health EHR software. Its CareLogic EHR is a web-based solution that is designed to help behavioral health professionals improve care coordination and increase revenue.

CareLogic EHR has a comprehensive suite of administrative and financial capabilities to help behavioral health providers maximize reimbursement and improve productivity. It also provides a range of tools for care coordination and outcomes management. It works with a wide range of medical specialties including pediatrics, family medicine, cardiology and internal medicine.

Qualifacts is a leader in providing SaaS solutions for clinical productivity, billing and state reporting. It serves more than seven hundred providers. It offers several EHRs, including CareLogic, InSync and Credible. It also has a wide-ranging customer base, including more than six million patients. The company is also an ONC-ATCB certified provider.

The company’s customer base includes 2,500 mental health agencies across the U.S. It also serves certified community behavioral health clinics.

CareLogic is the largest behavioral health EHR vendor in the U.S. It provides a comprehensive portfolio for all aspects of the human services industry. It also helps human services providers improve their productivity.

CareLogic provides easy-to-use front desk tools and a comprehensive library of dynamic dashboards and reports. It also offers a simple search feature to locate client documents. It also integrates with patient scheduling. CareLogic also supports automatic claim generation. The system supports SOAP notes and electronic prescriptions.

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Founded in 2000, Qualifacts provides healthcare organizations with care management solutions. Their portfolio includes a wide range of products, including CareLogic EHR, billing, scheduling, and clinical productivity. They serve over 6 million patients and more than 75,000 providers. They use a Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model for fast implementations and low total costs.

CareLogic is an EHR platform designed for mental health and human services organizations. It is configurable to meet company-specific requirements. It is suitable for organizations of all sizes. It helps companies make data-driven decisions to improve the outcomes of patients and staff. CareLogic also helps organizations connect and operate efficiently.

The CareLogic EHR is compatible with a variety of platforms, including desktop PCs, Macs, and mobile devices. It has built-in document storage and tracking. It can also be integrated with patient scheduling. It can be used in a number of medical specialties, including cardiology, pediatrics, family medicine, and internal medicine. CareLogic also supports electronic prescriptions. It supports claims scrubbing and eligibility inquiries. Users can also create campaigns and analyze results. It supports SOAP notes, progress notes, and appointment reminders.

The CareLogic EHR is also supported by HPS, which provides tailored services for organizations using the software. It is also a reliable cloud-based solution that can help organizations thrive in a fast-changing environment.

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