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Careers In Hotel Management

by Uneeb Khan
Hotel Management

Choosing the Right Career

The travel industry is growing and now provides a wide variety of interesting employment opportunities. Professionals interested in a career in hotels have access to a wide variety of educational, internship, and certification possibilities because of the lodging industry’s status as one of the most important employers in the tourism sector.

Employees at hotels have the opportunity to further their careers by completing formal education programs leading to degrees in hotel management or by completing a vocational training program followed by substantial work experience.


Managers are in control of all aspects of the hotel, such as customer service, meal quality, catering, and hotel supplies.

The manager is also in charge of scheduling and event planning, as well as parking and transportation services and any other special services offered to distinguished guests and visitors.

As a result, the manager plays a critical role and bears responsibility for maintaining the hotel’s brand and reputation by successfully managing the rest of the staff.

An assistant manager who works alongside the general manager is in charge of recruiting, training and managing other members of the team.

He also assigns assignments to his employees and sets work shifts. Assistant managers are also in charge of writing reports, negotiating with suppliers, and planning different activities.


Hotel and motel management personnel get discounts on travel and hotel facilities. This might be particularly appealing to people who like traveling.

Furthermore, although the beginning stage may require a lot of difficulties and hard work after you achieve a higher level, you may be able to make a lot of money as benefits in addition to your normal wage.

The hotel sector is often linked with a lot of glamour, which motivates many students to choose hotel management as a profession. The work itself includes some basic amenities, including hotels, food, parking, laundry, and other services. Furthermore, several hotels offer educational assistance and profit-sharing plans to their employees.

Salary and Rank

Executive housekeepers, front office managers, food and beverage managers, and convention service managers are among the several management jobs available in a hotel.

These are all levels of an assistant manager who works with the general manager to coordinate. Managers’ salaries are determined by their level of responsibility and the sector of the hotel for which they work. Overall, it is a very profitable industry with the potential to earn up to a 25% bonus on base salary.

 Job Qualifications

During the early stages of your profession, you may be required to clean dishes and do other comparable tasks. The work requires a lot of patience, enthusiasm, solid communication skills, and fast thinking to deal with challenging situations and different customers. There is no set work schedule since the hotel sector operates around the clock.

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