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Can Someone Do Umrah Every Year?

by Jan Sher
 Can Someone Do Umrah Every Year?

Umrah is must-done duty for Muslims of whole world, no matter men or women. Umrah is must-done religious duty for deserving Muslims. Every Muslim desires to visit Kaaba at least once in his life.  If you offer Umrah one time and willing to offer Umrah again and have question “can someone do Umrah every year?” we are here for you with complete answer of your question in detail.

Conditions for Umrah

Umrah is must-done duty for those who have capability for performing Umrah. Capability means both financial and health conditions. If a man is physically and financially both have capability, then he must offer umrah. If a person is financially unable then he may not offer Umrah. If a person is financially fit and physically unfit, then he can appoint someone else on his behalf. He pays all expenses of that person. Condition is only one that that person has already performed Umrah at least once in life.

Orders of Umrah for women in Islam

A woman cannot perform Umrah alone. She can offer Umrah with her confidant. Islam has given clear list of confidant people for a woman. But now, ministry of Hajj and Umrah of Saudi Arabia allows women to perform Umrah without confidant. A pregnant woman can perform Umrah without any issue. It is advised to check by Doctor. If Doctor shows any risk to life of woman or her baby, then she should not travel for performing Umrah. If Doctor allows then pregnant woman can perform Umrah without any issue.

Purpose of Umrah

The purpose of Umrah are here.

  1. The purpose of Umrah is cleaning all sins of past life. Two consecutive Umrah clean all sins between them, so umrah travel agency is the source of cleaning all sins of man performed in past life.
  2. If all sins are cleaned, then happiness of God can achieve by Umrah.
  3. A man who visit Kaaba, sacred house of God, becomes guest of Allah for few hours.
  4. Millions of Muslims unite at a place at a time without any difference of financial condition, state or color of skin give a massage of union of Muslims to all disbelievers. It is also source of love for Muslims.
  5. Millions of Muslim visit Makkah and trade increases in Makkah. This improves financial condition of all people linked by it directly or indirectly.

Can someone do Umrah every year?

Umrah is must done duty for a deserving Muslim once in life. If a Muslim has capability, he can perform Umrah more than once in life. A capable Muslim can perform Umrah up to his will.

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A man can perform Umrah up to his will. It is just for that person who is capable of performing Umrah more than once in life.

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