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Can FTX Exchange be Considered a Stand-out Platform?

by Uneeb Khan
FTX exchange

The FTX exchange is indeed an outstanding platform as it is a derivatives trading platform and its most prominent aspect is that it was created for crypto traders, by crypto traders. Its been launched, the platform has grabbed the attention of crypto traders all around the world and has also achieved astounding growth.

It is one of the most prominent crypto exchanges in the market and is known for offering a variety of assets to trade, including leveraged tokens and indices. This is not the only major aspect of the platform to consider. There are several other features that make it a fantastic platform for every kind of crypto investor or trader.

Here are some details of the FTX crypto exchange you should know and determine if it is a stand-out option for you or not.

FTX exchange

Security of the FTX Exchange

One of the topmost features that sets an exchange apart from others is the security that it offers to the users. Despite having a number of options, you cannot be sure the security offered by each platform. nless you take your time and take a look.

Before choosing FTX, it is important that you pay attention to the details mentioned in this brief FTX exchange review. One of the facts to know is that this is a powerful trading platform that is one of the safest exchanges in the market.

It uses advanced security systems and high-end features to ensure the users’ funds and information remains safe from any kind of threat. Some of the security features used by the exchange include two-factor authentication and cold wallet storage.

Fee Structure of FTX

The FTX exchange is a versatile trading platform, which is one of the reasons why it catches the eye of crypto traders. This exchange has been designed in a way to make sure that every interested party, novice or experienced, can have a good experience of buying or trading crypto.

One of the most prominent features to look at here is the FTX exchange fees. You will be required to pay some kind of fee, except of the crypto exchange you choose. The difference comes in the form of the fee structure. Is not fair or transparent for every platform.

FTX has one of the lowest fees in the market, the details of which are mentioned below:

  • 0.03% maintenance fee (daily)
  • 0.10% creation and redemption fee
  • 50% discount is available for all VIP users
  • Market maker fee is at 0.02%
  • Market taker fee is at 0.05%
  • No deposit fee
  • No withdrawal fee

Analysis Tools for Crypto Traders

The FTX exchange is an outstanding platform for the crypto traders. One of the most impressive features of this exchange is that it makes things easier for people looking to trade digital assets or conducting technical and fundamental analysis.

This exchange allows both kinds of analyses for all crypto pairs available on the platform. Here are some of the features that are in-built and help the traders in being one step ahead.

  • In-built indicators
  • In-built charting analysis tools
  • Creating and importing of custom indicators and tools
  • News services for the users
  • Price alerts
  • Availability of Conditional Orders
  • Availability of Limit Orders
  • Option to check order history
  • Option to check closed positions

Desktop and Mobile Versions

The desktop and mobile versions of the FTX crypto exchange is a side that makes it an outstanding platform, its competitors. The versions have been incorporated with in-built features that make trading easier for the interested parties and caters to their needs.

Here are some of the features available on the desktop version of the exchange.

  • Crypto Hedging made easier
  • Digital asset Index Futures
  • Multiple advanced order types
  • Multitude of leveraged tokens
  • User-friendly interface

The mobile version, is a well-developed custom-made application for the Android and iOS users. It also comes with in-built charts, tools and indicators that facilitate the traders in carrying out technical analysis and in opening, closing and managing trading positions.

Currencies Supported by FTX

As mentioned above, the FTX exchange is known for offering a variety of options to trade. This includes a wide variety of tokens, digital assets, fiat currencies and crypto indices. Some of the digital currencies supported by the FTX crypto exchange include:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ripple
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin

Some of the indices supported by the exchange include:

  • Exchange token index
  • Midcap index
  • Altcoin index


One of the top platforms in the market include the FTX exchange, which is a remarkable and powerful trading platform. This exchange offers several impressive features that make it an outstanding option for all traders. Some of the top details are mentioned above.

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