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Blue World City Islamabad – 13 Good Reasons to Invest

by Uneeb Khan
Blue World City

Here are our top 13 reasons to invest in Blue World City, Islamabad, if you’re searching for an apartment or a villa. One of the greatest and most cost-effective housing developments in Islamabad is Blue World City. It is a wonderful area to live in thanks to its many advantages.

Where it is

The Rawalpindi Ring Road and Chakri junction are both close to Blue World City, Islamabad, which is situated near the Chakri Interchange. You will have quick access to any area in Islamabad thanks to these interchanges.

Green Spaces

There are a lot of parks and lawns inside BWC in Islamabad. Children’s outdoor activity facilities are also available.

Public transportation

There is a bus stop directly in front of Blue World City in Islamabad, making it simple to get to work and move around the city. Additionally, the community is close to the construction site of the Rawalpindi Ring Road, which will offer convenient access to the Islamabad Highway and the Kashmir Highway.

Commercial Location that Is Well-Placed

The Blue Area of Islamabad, which includes the M.T. Khan Market, Kohsar Market, and Serena Shopping Mall, is close to BWC. Additionally, there are a number of fast-food restaurants lined up in this region, including Pizza Hut and Kentucky Fried Chicken. Additionally, it is placed in a favorable location between DHA Phases 1 and 2.

Reasonable Costs

With rates starting at just Rs. 890 thousand for a 5-marla plot, Blue World City, Islamabad is one of the city’s most cost-effective housing projects, making it the perfect choice for middle-class and lower-middle-class individuals wishing to invest in an affordable housing society.

First-Rate Facilities

A modern mosque at BWC, Islamabad has a capacity for 20,000 people. There is also a sizable main square with shops, restaurants, and other commercial establishments. It also has Pakistan’s biggest central park. This park alone can compete with any housing society.

Top-notch facilities

A central park, mosque, and business district are among the amenities of Blue World City, Islamabad. The renowned Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Group, which operates the gyms and sports clubs in Blue World Park, offers these amenities to members of the community at reasonable prices. Additionally, there is a separate school on the property that will offer higher education, making it a perfect spot for families to live.

A Group of Businesspeople and Professionals

Investors from all backgrounds have already made investments in Blue World City in Islamabad. BWC, which is being developed by the Blue Group of Companies (BGC) in collaboration with the renowned Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company, is destined to succeed in Islamabad’s rapidly expanding housing society market thanks to its ideal combination of commercial and residential units.

Closeness To Major Arteries

The Chakri Interchange and the Rawalpindi Ring Road are both just a short distance away from Blue World City in Islamabad. This guarantees that you may reach any area in Islamabad quickly.

Easy Access to Several Pakistani Regions

Blue Strategically situated on the major G.T. road, Blue World City, Islamabad offers easy access to all areas of Pakistan. It is not too distant from Islamabad nor too near to Rawalpindi. This guarantees that it will continue to be a great location for investments and offer easy access to all other areas of Pakistan.


One of Islamabad’s most cost-effective home developments is BWC, with rates for a 5-marla plot starting at approximately Rs. 890,000. This makes it perfect for middle-class and lower-middle-class investors wishing to support a modest home project in Islamabad.

No Load Shedding

Because the community such as Blue Town Sapphire is next to a power plant, it will receive electricity from this source, ensuring that Blue World City will not be impacted by load shedding for whatever long it may last in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. This is a result of its easy access to electricity and closeness to major power lines.

Rapid And Straightforward Access to The Islamabad Highway

The major G.T. road at Blue World City, Islamabad, offers quick and simple access to the Islamabad and Kashmir highways. A city in the Blue World is near the Blue Area, which is home to several banks and shopping centers such as Kohsar Market and M.T. Kotla Market.

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