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Biodegradable bags: A Good Choice for The Environment

by Uneeb Khan
Biodegradable Bags

In this age of rapid advances in technology and automation, we have made great strides. And seem to be in a much better position than the “primitive” civilizations of the past. However, the waste and pollution generated by factories. And the disposal of used consumer goods is a major part of the environmental problems we face.

Plastic bags are a major polluter. Every year, they take up hundreds of thousands of tons of landfill space around the world. And take thousands of years to break down naturally. They pollute water, soil, and air and affect the lives of thousands of animal species.

They are not as environmentally friendly as other alternatives to plastic bags, such as paper bags. 14 million trees were cut down to produce the 10 billion paper bags used by Americans in 1999. Producing paper bags requires four times more energy than plastic bags and pollutes 50 times more water. This has a significant impact on global warming. According to press reports, 40% of all landfills are made up of paper. That is more than 70 years old, has not decomposed, and is in perfect condition. So where are the packaging industry’s environmental measures?


There is good news for the packaging bag industry. Biodegradable materials are now available. This is the best choice for environmental protection. By using 1-2% of additives like EPI, D2W, or ECM in the resin. It is possible to make plastic bags that are fully biodegradable for six months to five years. They are, however, a bit more expensive than traditional bags. Which have the same characteristics as plastic bags, such as durability, lightness, water resistance. And print quality, but this leads to an ever-changing economy and lifestyle. It makes economic sense to use environmentally friendly products. Most importantly, the benefits are linked to sustainability and business ethics. Companies are encouraged to reduce their footprint on the planet. Visit also: Eco Friendly Food Packaging Company

The national policy now prohibits the use of plastic bags that do not contain biodegradable additives. In addition, consumer behavior has also changed from being concerned only with individual interests to being concerned with societal interests. This is a result of national government propaganda and policy. Many companies are promoting their green initiatives to their loyal customers and attracting new ones. Biodegradable Plastic Bags. The plastic packaging industry is one of the best-known examples of how plastic bags can help the environment.

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