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Bigtime Demo Vs Netsuite Project Management Demo – Best Demo Comparison 2022

by Uneeb Khan
Bigtime Demo Vs Netsuite Project Management Demo – Best Demo Comparison 2022

If you’re looking to learn more about project management software, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will go over the Bigtime Demo and the Netsuite Project Management Demo and discuss their Pros and Cons. In addition, we’ll cover Bigtime’s dashboard and reporting center, which can help you plan your workflow. The reporting center can reduce time spent collecting data and help your team identify weaknesses.

Bigtime Demo

BigTime has many project management features, including resource allocation, workflow management, and reporting. Its dashboard allows users to see all projects at one time, allowing them to plan their workflows and analyze data to identify weak spots. BigTime has a 14-day free trial and comprehensive support. It also has the ability to integrate with an accounting system.

BigTime is especially useful for professional services firms, which must track time and expenses accurately. It helps ensure projects are completed on time and within budget. BigTime also lets users customize timesheets so that they only capture the data they want. This means that they’ll spend less time entering data, which will free up time for project management. Get a Free Demo Click to check out the Complete detail about Bigtime Demo.

“BigTime is top-rated project management software for professional services firms that want to amplify profits and productivity, including architects and engineers, accountants, and consultants. Our powerful, simple-to-use project management app adapts to how your firm does business and integrates with Quickbooks Online or Quickbooks Desktop.”

Netsuite Project Management Demo

There are many different features in project management software. Bigtime, for example, provides a dashboard that allows you to view all of your projects at once. This feature helps you plan your workflow and helps you track project progress. Bigtime also features a reporting center, which makes it easier for your team to analyze project performance.

In addition to project management features, BigTime offers full budget tracking, task management, and workflow management. It also has the ability to integrate with an accounting system. This is an advantage for small businesses because they will benefit from a vendor’s expertise in project management.

Pros & Cons of Bigtime Software

BigTime is a project management and time-tracking software. The software is available in both desktop and mobile versions. The program offers a wide range of features, including customizable invoice templates and flexible billing rates. Users can choose to bill for time and materials or by percent of completed work. In addition, BigTime lets you export data to Excel, Word, and PDF documents. It also offers native mobile apps and offline functionality.

The software is suitable for all sizes of businesses, especially for those in the professional services industry. It is ideal for architecture, engineering, and consulting firms, government contracting firms, and law firms. Its customers include the 415 Group, C2 Company, JAS Architecture Group, and True Partners Consulting. One of its clients, Rich Craig, says that the software has helped him manage his firm’s growth.

Pros & Cons of Netsuite Project Management

There are many advantages of using Netsuite project management software. The Netsuite dashboard allows users to view project progress, set milestones, and track expenses. The dashboard features a GANTT chart, KPIs, and customizable fields. It also allows users to create templates for future projects. They can also add custom fields, set baselines, and track discounts. In addition, Netsuite has the ability to create and manage multiple billing schedules.

NetSuite Task The board empowers groups to team up and keeps supervisors current on the situation with projects utilizing constant information, so organizations can proactively distinguish and head off likely issues. With NetSuite’s cloud-based arrangement, partners gain total perceivability and control — they can screen and investigate project status whenever, anyplace. The outcome is a fundamentally better venture fruition record, more fulfilled clients and less nonbillable work hours.

One drawback to NetSuite is the long learning curve. NetSuite requires a significant investment and can be difficult to implement, especially for small businesses. In addition, the feature set is very large and may require expert knowledge to use. Also, users report difficulties setting up specific roles. The system also has a dated dashboard and may not be easy to customize. However, the extensive nature of Netsuite makes it worth the expense for many organizations.


While both project management software platforms have their own advantages and disadvantages, one can benefit from the features offered by both. For instance, BigTime provides project managers with an all-in-one view of all their data. This helps them analyze their performance, identify weak areas and improve efficiency. It also offers a number of project management features that are crucial to project management, from resource allocation to billing.

Bigtime provides recurring workflows that allow users to manage projects across teams. It also offers voice calls and collaborative brainstorming. The software also helps users track expenses. Lastly, the company provides a free version as well as three paid versions.

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