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Best Features to add in a custom mobile app to increase its functionality

by Uneeb Khan

The world is getting crazy to get their hands on the latest smartphones. These handheld gadgets have it all to empower every life with all-embracing digital technologies. Besides, these machines allow us to visit places from the comforts of our homes. We’re able to buy our favourite products and even employ house maintenance services.

Moreover, social media has become an instant nowadays. No person on the planet doesn’t use Facebook or isn’t aware of its interactive networking services. Alongside other popular social sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, Zuckerberg’s platform has its apps. Likewise, you can also create a smartphone app for your business brand too. But before planning, there are a few things you should know how to infuse in your app. Though you can hire the top mobile app development agency Dubai and the whole world endorses, do not forget to add top-drawer features.

Therefore, you have to add important details to your app to make it worthwhile for your users. We all that people use their smartphones more effectively, as they have become used to them. So much so that many traditional desktop users don’t feel any more comfortable sitting on chairs for hours. Hence, creating a custom application for your business will be more used than a web application. Below are the features you can add to the app to increase its usability and improve the user experience:

1. Flexible Functions

Creating a top-notch app is essential these days. By this, we mean that the app should be usable and produce results in real-time. For instance, a person looking for a taxi these days can easily hire a modern-day cab by using Uber. Another, a person can order food for himself or the guests. They can rest at their spot while manoeuvring in-app activities due to its simple interface and easy controls. So, you also make sure to keep things minimalistic with easy control touches on your app.

2. Apply bespoke features and designs

Customize the app with different themes, layout structures, and outlines with ample white space. Apply changes and modify the app by keeping user preferences in mind. Also, keep things natural that look human and easy to manage. You can also content and apply typography text to highlight important features of your app.  Giving personalized touches to apps help startups and enterprises to expand their business worldwide. They give priority to their customers and provide them with exciting features based on their interests. Many companies employ website development services Dubai-based and international community endorses.

3. Push Notifications

You cannot ignore these prompt messages you sent to your customers. Push notifications help you to keep your customers up-to-date with reforms and reforms happening at your side. Also, it allows you to communicate with them directly by targeting them with ads based on their behaviours. You can send the latest feature updates, news, hot sales, deals & offers, seasonal discounts, etc. Besides, push notifications to help you increase organic traffic and improve user engagement time on your app.

4. Clients’ Feedback system

It helps you to keep up with the likes and dislikes of your customers about your app. Feedback systems are a reliable source to collect user data and use it to their advantage. For instance, Silicongraphics.ae and Facebook allow users to comment on Trustpilot and other similar reviewing platforms. Feedback pages also allow users to send you bug reports, suggest new features, and even share their overviews about it. After all, they are full-time users of your app. Hence, able to tell you all the pros and cons of it.

5. Instill Augmented Reality

Mobile apps these days are using AR (Augmented Reality) to enhance user experience. It offers a full-view 3D view once mobile users wear VR headgear sets that come with smartphone clip-on fitting. Also, a user can check products and services in advance by using VR technologies. Top VR developments are done by Google DayDream, YouTube VR, and Fulldrive VR, among many others.

6. Social media integration

Do not forget to combine your app with social media to see the magic. Besides, it’s a great way to attract potential customers. There are billions of people who are active 24/7 on these platforms, so it is a great way to influence the masses. Make sure you create your brand’s official page on Facebook to attract visitors and convert them into potential app users. In addition, apps’ integration with social channels enables users to use your app with many feasible features.

7. Google in-house Maps

Similar to Google Maps, this indoor topography app is a new feature that allows users to navigate inside the house setting. Please do not confuse this with your or your neighbours’ house, but we can wish it to happen. But in the meantime, you can find your way through museum branches or navigate through different book stores in your area. Further, you can find the closest routes for nearby cafés, shopping malls, etc.

8. Payment Gateway Integration

You can add multiple payment methods in your app to allow users to pay at their convenience. You can offer credit/debit card payments, smart online payments (PayPal, Payoneer, etc.), and COD ( Cash on Delivery) options.

9. QR/Barcode Scanner Integration

Using QR barcodes technology can save you and your customers precious time. These offer enlightenment expediencies for products that have interminable details and features. Plus, QR, also known as Barcodes, are great CTAs (call-to-actions). These can also enhance your SEO and SMO for your brand. You can also measure their effectiveness levels by examining the progress they make daily. Besides, customers love using QR/barcodes with their mobile smartphones. For instance, WhatsApp web is a great way to attract more potential customers to use this messaging/file-sharing platform.

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