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Best Affordable Men’s Fashion Labels From Old Navy

by Jan Sher

For the great portion of life Old Navy Men’s Fashion has been the fundamental basis of wardrobe. Old Navy Men’s Fashion has always seemed like the obvious choice when shopping for new clothes. Because they have such a wide variety of timeless styles at reasonable prices. Old Navy Men’s Fashion Active’s selection of workout clothes will help you get in shape without breaking the bank.

Our running shorts, track pants, joggers, and gym clothes for men feature state of the art performance technology without sacrificing on classic comfort. Old Navy also sells relaxing wear for men, including pajamas, sweatshirts and sweatpants. How they can sell nice looking clothes at low prices like this Men’s Long-sleeve Henley T-Shirt.

Upon further inspection Old Navy is owned by Gap. The largest specialty retailer in the United States, which puts profit and scale ahead of environmental and social responsibility. The widespread demand for new, inexpensive clothing every season is driving the global cotton industry.

1. Materials Used In Clothing

According to Old Navy Men’s Fashion website, this shirt is make of 60% cotton and 40% polyester, the two fibers that together account for 80% of global fiber production. Each of these will be the focus of my investigation. To begin, let’s talk about how much water and chemicals cotton farming requires.

It takes between 1,400 and 3,400 gallons of water to grow just one pound of cotton. Which is enough for two t-shirts. Approximately two tones of water are use in the manufacturing of just one pair of jeans, which is another shocking fact.

2. Polyester Has Unique Environmental Issues

The production of polyester presents a unique set of environmental challenges, distinct from those associated with cotton production. Polyester, for starters, is an oil-based synthetic fiber. Every year, the production of polyester consumes 342 million barrels of oil.

An enormous amount of the fossil fuels that humans extract from the earth. It is estimate that every time a piece of polyester clothing is wash, 1900 fibers are remove, contributing to the accumulation of microplastics in rivers and oceans.

3. Fast Fashion Is The Business Model of Old Navy

 Old Navy Men’s Fashion follows the fast fashion business model, which means that its clothes are of low quality and meant to be wear only a handful of times before being thrown away. But they need to produce them quickly and in large quantities in countries with cheap labor and lax regulation.

Old Navy Black Friday Deals clothing is manufacture in 29 different countries, with over half of those having no regulation of wages or working conditions. They can sell their clothes at low prices with this model.

4. System That Limits Their Manufacturing

It’s likely that child labor is involve in the production of Old Navy Men’s Fashion clothes, despite the fact that it’s reasonable to assume that Old Navy executives want good conditions for the people manufacturing their clothes. This is because Old Navy executives are purchase into a system where they can only scratch the surface of their own manufacturing.

It is to Gap’s credit that their list of factories involved in the final stages of manufacturing for Gap clothes is available to the public. And that it includes a green and red scale system for rating factory conditions.

5. Buy Their Favorite Products at Black Friday

According to the data presented previously, Old Navy and by extension Gap, is an $8 billion per year business in 2020 because it uses the lowest-cost raw materials and labor it can find. While their website is covered in inspiring quotes and bright photos. Old Navy Black Friday is a sale that fashionistas everywhere.

They carry some of the best sporty and casual style of clothing to date and periodically have sales throughout the year. So fashionistas can buy their most loved products at Old Navy Black Friday discounted price.

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