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Benefits Sustainable Cardboard Boxes Bring to Your Business

by Jan Sher
Cardboard Boxes

There are many packaging stocks available in the market but the most sustainable one is cardboard. The recycling property of cardboard outweighs all the benefits of non-recyclable plastic. Cardboard packaging is made of biodegradable and compostable materials which reduces packaging waste. Cardboard packaging has a positive impact on the environment which you cannot even imagine. It decomposes under natural conditions without heavy machinery or energy utilization. Therefore, it is preferable to use cardboard for making packaging boxes for numerous products. Besides recyclability, below are some other benefits of cardboard packaging boxes:

Sturdy and Robust Nature

Cardboard walls are solid and their strength allows capacity for high-weight products. The walls are solid enough to prevent crushing and breaking factors. For example, sometimes the weight of boxes placed on each other causes crushing problems due to their delicate nature. But, cardboard packaging prevents you from such chaos. This packaging is ideal for light as well as heavy items. Moreover, one can give additional protection to cardboard packaging boxes with matte, gloss, or UV spot coating. Matte coating gives a satin texture to packaging and also prevents the formation of finger impressions or stains on it. The glossy coating reflects light which means it prevents direct sunlight from reaching the products inside. Lastly, UV spot coating protects against lethal ultraviolet radiation.

Customization Possibilities

There is competition in the business of any product and customized cardboard packaging boxes can help one to win that competition. The flexible nature of cardboard allows one to have packaging boxes of any style. You can make Custom Cardboard Boxes unique by modifying them into different shapes and sizes using the latest die-cutting technique. For example, one can get window boxes to give customers a glimpse of food, bakery, makeup, or gift products. Other examples are display boxes, gable boxes, sleeve boxes, tuck end boxes, one-piece/two-piece boxes, and many more.

One can decorate packaging boxes using the coloring (CMYK and PMS) technique to impress customers with perfectly colored product boxes. Moreover, prints such as animations, patterns, images, graphics, or other visual aesthetics further enhance the look of cardboard packaging. Other customization possibilities include embossing, debossing, gold or silver foiling, PVC sheet, window cutting, scoring, perforation, gluing, and coatings.

Conserve Environmental Resources

Manufacturing new packaging boxes from recycled materials consumes less energy than packaging from raw materials. In this way, recyclable custom cardboard boxes save energy and time. Furthermore, one can recycle cardboard packaging using normal processes such as sorting, cutting up, pulping, filtering, drying, pressing, and then rolling cardboard. Unlike plastic packaging, cardboard packaging does not pollute the environment as it adds no packaging waste or chemicals. It is also low in weight so they will save fuel by shipping many packaging boxes at a time.

Reduce Water Pollution

Water pollution occurs when packaging wastes continuously accumulate on the surface of the water. It makes water unsuitable for sea life and causes their extinction. The primary culprit of water pollution is plastic packaging waste. Consumers don’t like to keep storing plastic packaging envelopes or waste in their houses. They throw it into the outside environment and destroy the environment. However, custom cardboard boxes can reduce water pollution because don’t throw these boxes into the environment. But, they use cardboard packaging boxes for other purposes. Even if they don’t use packaging boxes, these boxes are still recyclable. Hence, cardboard packaging is not harmful to the environment in any way.

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Easy to Dispose Of

Cardboard packaging material is made of natural wood which grows rapidly and contains recyclable materials. It is free from harsh chemicals, dyes, or bleaches. Therefore, you can dispose of it easily without releasing any harmful chemicals into the environment. This perk of cardboard packaging makes it dominant over another chemical-containing plastic packaging which not only contaminates the environment but it is also not suitable for numerous food products.

Cardboard Boxe

Free from Chemicals, Allergens, And Toxins

Cardboard packaging does not require harmful chemicals or oils in the manufacturing process, unlike plastic packaging. The chemicals used for making plastic packaging are unsustainable and harmful to the environment. On the other hand, cardboard packaging boxes are easy to break down without leaching harsh chemical wastes into land or water. Sustainable cardboard packaging is free from toxins and allergens that can harm products, especially food products’ quality. Consumers don’t like harmful carcinogens and care about the composition of products as well as the packaging they interact with. You can magnetize a maximum number of customers with sustainable packaging that is free from all harmful contaminations.

Level Up Brand Image

The increasing demand for anything shifts marketers’ focus towards it. The increasing pollution, global warming, and worst climate change have shifted peoples’ preferences from non-biodegradable packaging to biodegradable packaging solutions. The younger generation is especially preferring eco-friendly boxes. Many business companies and brands are also prioritizing eco-friendly packaging to grab the attention of customers who care about the environment. It is safe for various food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic products as well. One should get eco-friendly custom cardboard boxes as they will help you to gain customers’ trust which will eventually improve the image of your brand. Customers will trust your business if they know that you care for environmental safety. Hence, we can say that Eco-friendly Custom Boxes are now becoming a new marketing trend.

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