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Abortion Pills Available in Dubai For Termination of Pregnancy

by Uneeb Khan
Abortion Pills Available in Dubai

Most girls want to know how to buy abortion pills available in Dubai and about voluntary termination of pregnancy. Voluntary termination of pregnancy (IVG) is a medical procedure that voluntarily ends a pregnancy by expelling the embryo or fetus from the uterus.

Types Of Abortion

1. Surgical Abortion

Surgical abortion consists of dilating the cervix (taking an antiprogesterone 48 hours before the procedure) and evacuating its contents by aspiration. Surgical abortion can be performed up to 14 weeks of amenorrhea. But there is an already alternative to the termination of pregnancy for girls in the shape of abortion pills available in Dubai.

2. Medical Abortion

Medical abortion is practiced via the combination of an antiprogesterone (mifepristone) and a prostaglandin 36 to 48 hours later (misoprostol or gemeprost). Medical abortion is possible for up to 9 weeks of amenorrhea. This method involves a risk of failure (in this case it is necessary to resort to surgical abortion). Between the 14th and 21st day, whether after a medical or surgical abortion, a follow-up consultation is organized.

Abortion, A still Taboo Subject

I don’t usually tell my life story, but this article, I feel, is a necessity. A necessity for me, because abortion was an upheaval in my life, and writing has always helped me through difficult times. A necessity for you, perhaps. You who do not understand why we make this decision. You who are going through or have had abortion pills available in Dubai and who feel alone. You have not found testimonials about these people who decide to terminate a pregnancy because there is no desire for a child.

Because it is this reality that I want to talk to you about. I have read many testimonials from women who have chosen abortion, but in the majority of cases, the reason was a question of timing (not the right situation, not financial stability, not the right person to raise a child with). It’s true, there are a thousand and one reasons why you want to have an abortion. Not wanting children, not now, not ever, that’s part of it, and yet we talk about it very little.

Recognition of Abortion

Basically, we talk very little about abortion, because it’s a taboo subject. Although abortion is not recognized by law in Dubai, it is constantly questioned. Like all the rights of women and people belonging to minorities elsewhere.

You will see that I have chosen not to use the words “abortion” and “abortion pills available in Dubai” because they have negative connotations for me. When we look in the dictionary of synonyms, we understand that to abort is to fail, to mess up, to miss. To tell the truth, this reflects our current society. Today when one practices an abortion, it is perceived as a “breach” of one’s duty to procreate. A “missed” that must absolutely be justified. Justify to whom? From family, friends, and the medical profession. How exhausting it is to justify yourself. Because justifying oneself implies that there are good and bad reasons for having an abortion. And that it is the others who are in a position to morally approve your choice or not.

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