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A complete Jaisalmer camping guide

by Jan Sher


Jaisalmer is the city with the golden hue of Rajasthan. Jaisalmer is renowned as one of the most extensive Desert regions of the planet. It is regarded as the center of the Thar desert, and is connected to the main cities of the nation. The experience of Jaisalmer camping in the desert is an experience from the rest and when you think of camp within Rajasthan it is Jaisalmer is the ideal option to consider.

Jaisalmer is an intriguing destination that is unlike other places in the entire country. The desert camps and staying in the tents in Jaisalmer are a great way to experience thrill as well as a rich experiences that will make your experience memorable. You will also become acquainted with the Rajasthani culture more deeply. Take the safari or camel ride and enjoy the wonder of sand dunes within the desert. You could be part of a basic tent or an extravagant one based on the kind of accommodation you prefer.

Take in traditional folk songs from the region in this area that is sure to be a heart rewarding event for anyone who wants to.

Season in Jaisalmer

As it is a desert, the climate here tends to be warm and dry.

Summers are hot and hot with scorching sun waiting to greet you to step out. Camping in the summer heat isn’t recommended. The summer temperatures can reach the high of 50 degree Celsius as the temperature can be uncontrollable.

As the summers wind down and winter approaches, the temperatures begin to become pleasant with a cool breezes sweeping throughout. Winter is the ideal opportunity to go camping in the luxurious tents at Jaisalmer. The months of October to March are best times to think about an excursion to Jaisalmer.

About Desert Camps

Desert camps offer plenty to offer guests. Certain camps are geared towards showing off the culture’s sophistication while others concentrate on showcasing the best features of desert.

1. Sunrise and Sunsets

The view of sunset and sunrise across the oceans and mountains is something that we had to do before. However, watching the sun rise or setting on the sand dunes is quite a different experience to be able to experience.

2. Camel Safari

The camels of the past were used mostly to transport large loads, but now they serve as a means of tourism. You can pick between two kinds of camel safaris. A brief ride on the back of a camel will offer a glimpse the tourist, while a longer trip will take you deep to the desert.

3. Jeep Safari

You’ll be taking a thrill of a rollercoaster on jeeps in the desert dunes and the sensation is delicious. The feeling of losing control on one end, only to be redirected back on track with driving on another side is something you shouldn’t skip.

4. Music and Folkdance

Relaxing under the stars while taking in the bonfire is the best aspect of a camp in the desert. You will get a complete understanding to the culture of Rajasthani dancing and music of the local dancers and musicians there. The locals perform to the tunes of their renowned song, and you should not skip these momentous moments. It is possible to rest in the open on the sand dunes and take in the beautiful sky of Jaisalmer.

A Few famous Camps to take into consideration

To enjoy the cultural and rural ways of life in Jaisalmer The best method is to go on camping in the desert. The best desert camps are described in the following manner:

Rajputana Camp

The desert camp is located inside the Sam dunes area and a newly established one in 2014. It gives you an unforgettable experience staying in Jaisalmer. They provide professional musicians and dancers for their guests. Also , they offer camel safari cycling tours, paragliding, and camel safaris too.

Serai Camp

It’s a luxurious campsite that is the ultimate experience of camping. It is equipped with many facilities, including an outdoor area to relax as well as a large bedroom and an extravagant bathroom. The property also offers the feeling of having a lawn and swimming pool. After a long and tiring day, you are able to relax with the spa as well.

Damodara Camp

It was created in 2011, and offers the feeling of luxury to. The staff members are locals and are an enclave to be in. The camp does not have place for loud music and actually entertains guests with only performances of puppets along with local musicians.

Tents are neat and tidy and very comfortable.

Winds desert camp

The camp in the desert offers tents that have AC and without. There is also a restaurant which provides Indian food. They also offer camel safari or jeep safari as well as several outdoor games.

These are the simplest camping options, but there are many other options to consider when planning your stay. Desert camping stays are easy to book through the internet.

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