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7 Unbelievable Forex Trading Experiences You Won’t Believe

by Jan Sher

Forex trading can be exhilarating, terrifying, and everything in between, depending on your experiences and how you approach it. Maybe you’ve been fortunate enough to watch your account grow without even taking any risk, or perhaps you’ve been on the verge of bankruptcy after a nasty market swing. Whatever happened, we want to hear about it so other traders can learn from your experiences! These are some of the most unbelievable Forex trading experiences you have to read about.

A beginner’s success story

I was not a businessman. I was a lawyer. But I wanted to invest my money and be more than just a passive investor in the market. My wife and I had some savings that we wanted to use to make some real returns, so she suggested that we try forex trading. We were both fairly new at it, but as beginners, we really felt like we could do this! The first couple of months were a bit bumpy, but then our profits started growing exponentially each month. We had never seen anything like it before! Sentry Equity has helped us get through the ups and downs of the markets with their top-notch customer service team who answers any question you can think of with ease and detail.

 A trader who made a fortune in one day

I have to share a story that happened to my friend, which I think you will agree is pretty unbelievable. In a single day of trading he made over $100,000. He was in the right place at the right time and knew how to make money from it. He is not some genius mathematician or financial wizard – he’s just an average guy who knows how to identify opportunities when they arise and take advantage of them.

A trader who lost everything and started again

In the summer of 2010, I lost everything. My entire life’s savings. I had been trading in the forex market for about two years and was doing very well. But then, as if out of nowhere, I was wiped out by a series of losses in a day or two that left me with nothing. I had no idea how to get back on my feet again and did not know where to turn.

 A trader who turned $100 into $1 million

I was in my office one day when I got an email from a recruiter who had seen my resume on the internet. He offered me a job as a trader in their Hong Kong office. I was excited and wanted to accept, but then I realized that it would mean quitting my job at the time and going to live in another country where I didn’t know anyone. I called up the recruiter and said no, but he told me that it would be good for me to get out of my comfort zone if I really wanted to become a better trader. He convinced me to go for it, so two weeks later, I quit my job and moved abroad.

 A trader who made $1 million in a month

I believe that my Forex trading success is due to my ability to stay rational and logical about the market. I am very fortunate in that I have never experienced any high-risk trades and therefore have not had the luxury of recovering from a bad trade. The only time I have ever been stopped out was because of a news event, which was outside of my control and which impacted all currency pairs at the same time.

I also believe that my success is due to the fact that I employ a risk management strategy at all times.

 A trader who lost everything in a day

There are many stories of traders who have made a lot of money in forex trading. There are also stories like mine, where I lost everything in a day. I had just been hired by Sentry Equity and was eager to start my career in forex trading. My boss told me to create some trades and manage the account for 3 months so he could see how I was doing with the initial training. On my first day, I went into work early and created trades with 100% of our capital ($1 million). That night, the market started to go south quickly. The next morning, we woke up with a -$5 million balance instead of $1 million because the trade didn’t go as planned overnight.

 A trader who quit his job to trade full-time

I quit my job to trade full-time. I had been trading for a while, but it was never more than a hobby. Then I took a risk and traded my entire life savings in order to get started as a full time trader. It was the scariest thing I have ever done in my life, but it has been one of the most rewarding things too. In this post I am going to share with you some of the most unbelievable forex trading experiences that I have had so far.

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