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7 Best Tips on How To Use MMS Messaging to Boost Your Revenue

by Uneeb Khan
MMS marketing

Ecommerce firms are using owned channels to expand their company as a result of rising ad prices and greater competition in digital shopping. Although 70% of consumers have chosen to receive texts from brands, just 55% of firms on owned channels currently text their customers. Therefore, it’s a wasted opportunity if you haven’t included texting as a marketing medium. 

However, because SMS marketing is still a new medium, many e-commerce companies are unsure of how to engage users successfully. 

MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service), which has more advanced features than ordinary SMS (short messaging service), has grown in popularity among marketers, adding complication. This is a chance for ecommerce firms to profit from.

This presents a chance for ecommerce firms to benefit from MMS, enhance consumer engagement, and boost their financial performance. However, many brands are still unsure of the right MMS usage. 

We’ll go over seven excellent practices in this piece that you can use to increase sales for your online business with MMS messaging.

About MMS marketing 

You may send text messages containing rich media, such as images, videos, GIFs, contact cards, audio samples, and more, using the MMS messaging method. On mobile devices, it can successfully interact with customers and motivate them to take action.

7 excellent methods for MMS marketing to expand your company 

It’s time for you to start messaging with your consumers now that you are aware of the potential benefits of MMS messaging. For your next campaign, take into account these best practices to provide a deeper client experience. 

Obtain the audience’s approval

Priorities first Before you text your audience, get their permission. In addition to being required by law, obtaining their consent will help you gain the trust of your subscribers. 

However, for opt-ins, you should prioritise quality above number. Don’t force your audience to give you their permission. You’ll wind up with a lot of irate subscribers who no longer want to do business with you. Therefore, be explicit when asking customers.

A good list of prospects who truly want to hear from you will serve you better. You’ll have a greater rate of engagement as a consequence, and you’ll develop a good rapport with your subscribers. 

Give them a reason to subscribe, such as a discount, special offers, or early access to new products, in order to expand your list. 

Keep people interested in your material by providing it

Your MMS messaging should contain material that is pertinent to your target. Stay on themes that are relevant to your company and its offerings. But don’t only send advertisements. Sending useful advice on your brand or sector may encourage users to keep their subscriptions.

In order to keep clients interested and subscribed, your text marketing channel should genuinely distinguish from your other channels. Send material that is only available through text marketing channels so that they may benefit. 

Use personalization to make messaging more engaging 

To customize communications and boost engagement, make use of client data and segmentation. Consider a small group of your clients who like a high-end sportswear line you offer. You will be squandering your money as well as the interest of other buyers by mass texting your whole audience to promote a bargain on that particular brand. Instead, filter your audience so that only followers of your brand receive such SMS.

To make your MMS advertisements really personalised, use client data. Utilize details about a customer’s past purchases, interaction, location, and preferences to offer them material that will resonate with them more. For instance, if a client regularly buys on the weekends, you can think about contacting them later in the week when they’re more likely to be in the mood to spend money.

Zip up all of your files

Prior to sending, compressing your files will speed up downloads, improving the user experience for your audience. Additionally, it makes sure you stay inside your carrier’s data allowance. 

In text, people don’t require or anticipate high-quality visuals. Everything revolves around making your message clear. It won’t matter if humorous GIFs used to showcase your brand personality are a touch pixelated. However, if you’re posting product photographs, make sure they’re of a good enough quality that even at a tiny scale, the image still seems eye-catching.

Make your help desk more integrated 

To give customers a smooth experience, integrate your text messaging platform with your support desk. 

Customers will expect you to respond if they text you since texting seems far more intimate than email when you first start a connection with them. So you can make sure your consumers are taken care of by tying your text messaging channel into your support desk. 

Test your message, medium, timing, and frequency using an A/B design 

To determine what appeals to your audience the most, A/B test every aspect of your MMS messaging.

Try out various things. You could discover that a message that is longer works better than one that is shorter, or that certain consumers interact more with messages that feature static photos while others prefer GIFs.

Try out various things. You could discover that a longer message works better than a short one or that certain consumers interact more with messages that contain still photos while others prefer GIFs. 

Try out different times of day, days of the week, and text frequency. 

You can also run a test to see how specific your segmentation is across factors like region, gender, and interest. Does it matter if you generate geographically relevant MMS messages for a particular area, such as the San Francisco Bay Area, as opposed to something more general, such as California, for instance?

Use SMS for brief messages and MMS for promotions. 

Although MMS is excellent for attracting attention, it is more expensive and may not be appropriate for every text you send to consumers. Additionally, subscribers may become tired of it and stop interacting with your material if you utilize it in every message you send. 

When sending brief, text-only communications like purchase updates, timely texts like those announcing flash deals, or notifications that a coupon code is about to expire, use SMS. 

MMS is superior for promotional and artistic material. Use it to demonstrate the personality of your business, new items, or how-tos.

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