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6 Reasons why Fullerton India Personal Loan is Best for Finance Decision

by Uneeb Khan

In this day and age of increased prices and inflation, it is often not possible to meet financial needs with just your income. Moreover, you may be faced with an emergency that you cannot meet with your finances. In such cases, you can avail of financial assistance in the form of a personal loan. 

The best feature of a personal loan is that it is not given to fulfil a specific purpose, unlike a home loan or an education loan. A personal loan can be taken for a variety of purposes according to your choice. It is given without any collateral. However, the lenders have their own set of criteria to assess your eligibility. If you can meet the eligibility grounds, you can check the documents required for the personal loan and take out a loan.

A personal loan is widely popular because of the flexibility it provides. The borrower can take out the personal loan to meet their emergency financial needs and pay back the lender in easy instalments over a predetermined tenure. Having monthly instalments enables you to not be under a financial burden. Due to the increasing popularity of personal loans, many credit institutions only provide quick, personal loans. If you’re looking for a personal loan yourself, you can opt for Fullerton India’s Personal Loan, one of the most trusted financial institutions across the country. 

Listed below are a few reasons why you should choose Fullerton India to meet your financial requirements – 

Easy and Quick Documentation

When applying for a personal loan from Fullerton India, the documents required for the personal loan are minimal and can be uploaded along with the application. You can easily upload the documents from the application and have them verified without any hassles. The fact that it is paperless makes it an even better option. However, for people who aren’t adept with the ways of technology, you don’t have to worry – they also offer to collect the documents right from your doorstep. 

Primarily, the documents needed for a personal loan to be approved are proof of age, income, history of credit, information about bank accounts held, and address proof. These documents are collected to determine the authenticity of the information and validate your claim for the loan.

Uncomplicated Online Process

With the increase in the use of technology, the need to visit and speak to lenders in person has disappeared. The entire procedure is done online to ease the application process and remove the need to stand in long, slow queues. You can apply for a personal loan at your convenience through a computer or mobile application. The only thing that you would need is an internet connection. 

While the application process is already optimised and streamlined to make it easy, you can always contact customer service for assistance. A representative from the customer service desk would attend to all your queries irrespective of their difficulty.

Quick Disbursal

Personal loans are taken during emergencies that require immediate financial assistance. Keeping this in mind, Fullerton India ensures a quick disbursal of funds once the loan is approved. The loan amounts are credited to the applicant’s account within half an hour of completing the approval and verification process.

Customisable Plans

Every individual has different requirements and different reasons to take out a personal loan. This makes their needs for the loans different. Many lenders, including Fullerton India, allow the loans to be customised according to the applicant’s needs. The loan amount, payback tenure, and even the interest rates can be customised accordingly for the applicant’s convenience. 

Additional Benefits

If you are an existing customer of Fullerton India, there are additional benefits that you can enjoy. These benefits include top-up loans along with better interest rates and better offers. You can also have a flexible tenure to pay back the loan. In addition, being an existing customer would also enable you to have pre-approved loans. 

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