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6 Peppa Pig iPhone wallpapers for kids and adults

by Uneeb Khan
6 Peppa Pig iPhone wallpapers for kids and adults-featured

Has Peppa Pig, who is adorable yet bossy, captured your or your child’s heart? Playing the entertaining iOS game or binge-watching the show? We offer the perfect collection of Peppa Pig iPhone wallpapers to make you leap with pleasure.

What else? You can download these premium Peppa Pig wallpapers to your iPhone with a single swipe; just choose the download option and save the image.

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1. Simple Peppa Pig wallpaper

Do you need a subdued method to declare your Peppa Pig fandom? Or do you want a wall covering that will make your kids smile while not being too strange in the office? Pick this up.

2. Peppa Pig funny wallpaper

Peppa and Freddy Fox make sure there is never a boring moment while they are together by snorting here and yapping there. Here is a sweet wallpaper to honour their special bond.

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3. We all love muddy puddles!

Everyone is aware of Peppa Pig’s fondness for splashing about in muddy puddles. Here is a sweet Peppa wallpaper to bring back your childhood memories of dancing in the rain if you do.

4. Peppa Pig and friend’s iPhone wallpaper

All of Peppa’s pals and maybe even her little and large followers share her love of muddy puddles. While you can’t IRL (in real life) jump in the puddle, at least you can have a wallpaper.

5. Peppa Pig house wallpaper

One of the most coveted homes among children and adults alike is Peppa Pig’s home. Reason? It is situated on a hill, has all those gorgeous hues, and the sun is directly above it. While it would be almost impossible for you to acquire a home like Peppa’s, you could have this wallpaper for nothing.

6. Little George wallpaper for iPhone

Despite George just being able to utter the phrase “dine-saw,” he has won many people over. These hearts are honoured by this wallpaper. Cheers!

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