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5 Valid Reasons Why You Should Not Try Self-abortion 

by Uneeb Khan

As a female, getting pregnant is beneficial for you when you want to have a child. If it is unwanted or unplanned, though, it is not good for you. The only way to end an unintended or undesirable pregnancy is abortion. And most of you visit a clinic to have abortion in Delhi or your town or city to end it.

Due to fear, shame, or hesitation, some of you try self-abortion. Self-abortion attempts are harmful and may result in serious side effects, infertility, and other problems. Threats to your safety or reasons why you shouldn’t end your pregnancy without a doctor’s consent are listed below:

1. Internal organ damage

You may sustain internal organ damage from self-managed abortions. Abortions performed without a gynaecologist’s supervision or as a preventative measure can cause damage to internal organs like the womb, cervix, and fallopian tubes. It is advantageous to refrain from self-managed abortion because it protects you from internal organ damage

2. Birth defects

As it is already mentioned, attempting to self-abort or self-managing abortions results in internal organ damage. Let’s say that you injured your uterus or fallopian tubes. This damage may act as a barrier to the free movement of sperm and eggs and may prevent the fertilisation and implantation of the egg. You won’t be able to become pregnant as a result. You will also experience issues with conception.

3. Too much bleeding

Self-abortion attempts can result in severe, uncontrollable internal bleeding that poses a life-threatening threat. In addition, internal organ failure, anaemia, septicemia, infections of the internal organs, etc. can result from severe bleeding. which might result in your demise.

4. In infection or sepsis

According to a proverb, we should avoid undertaking tasks that we are unsure how to complete. We should talk to a specialist before we do them. Abortion is something you should never attempt without first consulting a gynaecologist. If you self-abort, you risk developing sepsis or an infection of your internal organs. Your internal organs, including the uterus, may become damaged as a result of infection. Furthermore, carrying a pregnancy in the future is not recommended if your uterus is damaged.

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5. Partial completion of an abortion

There is a significant chance that self-managed abortions will only partially succeed. Additionally, partial-birth abortions can result in anaemia, septicemia, infection, and other serious health problems. You must seek immediate medical assistance in each of these situations by speaking with a gynaecologist or surgeon. Therefore, it is preferable to have an abortion performed by a doctor rather than trying to manage the process yourself.

Take away

It is very dangerous to try to self-abort. You might experience excessive bleeding, internal organ damage, a partial abortion, infection, and infertility as a result. It is better and healthier for you to seek the advice of a qualified physician to end an unwanted pregnancy.

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