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5 Tips To Decorate Your Home With Discount Rugs

by Uneeb Khan

Area rugs are quite frankly very expensive most of the time, which leaves the vast majority of people out of the market for high-quality Persian and Oriental rugs. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have a stunning home décor on a budget. The good news is that there are countless discount rugs out there to choose from that’ll undoubtedly provide a great ambiance to any room!

Below we’ll be going over 5 tips from the rug industry specialists at Rug Source when it comes to decorating your home with discount rugs, so take it from the pros in that these are some of the decorating ideas you should be keeping in mind!

1. The Size Of Your Area Rug Matters

Some people think it’s more important to get a really fancy area rug to decorate with, but you actually need to first and foremost be concerned about the overall size of your next rug. The size of an area rug plays a major role in how a room feels from a décor standpoint because going too big or too small will be immediately recognizable.

Although it’s not necessary to break the bank on a huge area rug when you get a discount rug made from synthetic materials, you are going to want to ensure that you are getting the proper size even when you’re on a budget.

2. Rug Layering To Add To Your Flooring Décor

Let’s say that even large discount rugs are a bit too far out of your budget. If this is the case, then you can always consider layering two smaller rugs to ultimately provide the necessary amount of flooring décor that your room requires. This is always a good idea when you’re rug shopping on a budget, and you can get the same type of ambiance when you go this route.

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3. Try A Hand-Tufted Area Rug

The most expensive area rugs on the market will be considered hand-knotted, and this is because this manufacturing process is incredibly time-consuming. However, there is a similar alternative to these high-quality rugs in hand-tufted rugs. Hand-tufted rugs are technically handmade, but they utilize a tufting gun instead of being 100% handcrafted.

Although there may be some subtle drawbacks to going the hand-tufted route as compared to the hand-knotted selection, you’ll end up getting a great rug for a fraction of the cost!

4. Synthetic Rugs Are Always A Good Option On A Budget

What’s great about going with synthetic rug materials is that they’ll always be much cheaper as compared to natural fibers like wool, silk or cotton. Some common synthetic alternatives include fabrics like nylon, rayon and viscose, and all these materials make great rugs.

Synthetic rugs also come in a vast selection of different colors and patterns, so you can be fully rest assured that you’ll be able to find a new area rug that matches your existing home aesthetics.

5. Utilize Outdoor Rugs Inside

Our last tip for rug shopping on a budget is to consider area rugs that would normally be consider outdoor rugs and place them inside your home. Just because they’re technically capable of withstanding harsh weather and rain, this doesn’t mean that these aren’t great options for your living or dining rooms!

You can certainly find a great outdoor rug at an unbeatable price and then save a TON by utilizing this type of rug for your interior décor.

Reach Out To The Rug Industry Experts To Learn More About Discount Rugs!

There certainly is a lot that rug shoppers should keep in mind when it comes to shopping for discount rugs, and the truth is that rug shopping will always be one of those home décor shopping strategies that take a lot of dedication and commitment.

The good news is that there are plenty of great online outlets that are always willing to help you find the perfect area rugs for your unique preferences and budget, and you can speak to the Rug Source team via the link at the top of the blog to learn more about shopping tips to keep in mind while looking for discount rugs!

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