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5 Effective Tips to Increase Your Outbound Telemarketing ROI in Malaysia

by Uneeb Khan
digital demand generation in Malaysia

B2B businesses invest significant resources and efforts to drive outbound telemarketing strategies. You need to hire telemarketing executives, train them, and equip them with a high-prospect database. Hence, it isn’t very reassuring when the results are not satisfactory. There could be many reasons why your outbound telemarketing strategy is not working. 

But, you can counter with constructive strategy and partnerships. For instance, if you target B2B leads in the Asia-Pacific, outsourcing your requirements to professional telesales services in Malaysia can drive significant results as they know the region’s critical dynamics. You save on the massive in-house telemarketing expenditure while getting assured ROI. 

Let’s look at five typical telemarketing campaign strategies to drive tangible results: 

Revise the Script to Showcase Empathy and Confidence:

Consult an expert for digital demand generation in Malaysia, and they will always ask you to rehash your telemarketing script. Most B2B businesses are out of touch as far as the modern telesales strategies are concerned. Today’s customers are highly discerning and will outright reject pushy sellers. A telemarketing executive needs to come across as knowledgeable and confident yet empathetic with the prospect’s needs. The script should have ample scope for spot-on improvisation to add a personalized touch.

Use an Updated Database:

No matter how well-versed and articulate your telesales team is, using an outdated database will nullify their efforts. A reputed company offering telesales database services in Malaysia can provide you with a high-prospect database per your ICP. If you are keen on using your own database, ensure that it is cleaned and updated periodically.

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Utilize Intuitive Dialling and Calls Rescheduling:

AI-driven tools have revolutionized the telemarketing sector today. Intuitive dialing features yield crucial information regarding lead quality, average call time, abandoned call rate, and connectivity patterns. Furthermore, automatic calls rescheduling software eliminates the need to set manual reminders. It eliminates follow-up errors and reinforces not just your outbound telemarketing efforts but even your CRM efforts.

Integrate Telemarketing with Social Media and Local SEO:

B2B marketing in Asia-Pacific has become an exceedingly competitive field. You cannot expect to engage customers on account of solitary telesales calls. Augmenting your telesales efforts with Whatsapp Messaging, Facebook Ads, and Local SEO efforts will yield tangible results. After all, the B2B sales funnel is long and multi-tiered. It would help if you had multiple touch-points to lure prospects and convert them today.

Create an Incentive Structure:

Most B2B businesses don’t address high attrition rates and demotivate issues with the telesales workforce. Considering that a happy/motivated caller is more likely to win over a prospect, incentivizing your sales team is essential. Given how tedious the job can be, providing attractive incentives can give them the much-required impetus to perform well.


As a B2B entrepreneur in Malaysia, you probably know that digital demand generation Malaysia is a tough nut to crack. If outbound telemarketing has never been your area of expertise, outsourcing is always a better option. You don’t have to channel your energy and resources for recruitment and training. Most importantly, you liaise with professional telemarketers while focussing on your core business operations.

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