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4 Secret Strategies To Save Money In College

by Uneeb Khan
4 Secret Strategies To Save Money In College

“If only I had enough money, I could buy a term paper and get a good night’s sleep!”

“If I had a few extra dollars, I could finally take my girlfriend out on a date somewhere other than McDonald’s.”

Sounds familiar? Of course, it would! Every college student struggles to keep track of their finances and ends up counting coins at the end of every month. No matter how much you save from your part-time or other freelancing gigs and try to avoid hiring assignment help Houston, New York, San Francisco, it seems that the monthly balance is always in danger.

Hence, let’s look at a few simple tips that can help you avoid living off cup noodles and coffee for the unforeseeable future.

Get rid of expensive shortcuts

The rise of assignment writing services has made it easier for students to buy term paper at the drop of a hat. However, these services aren’t exactly the cheapest, and you’re surely not making the most of your tuition fees if you have to pay someone else to work on your paper. Therefore, try to avoid such shortcuts whenever possible and put some time into working on your paper independently. 

Use free resources 

Software developers are well aware of the financial constraints students have to live with. As a result, they’ve come up with free online resources that you can use instead of spending your money on another premium assignment service.

If you have trouble writing the reference section in your paper, the free Oxford referencing tool or the Vancouver citation generator would be the perfect tool to lend you a hand. However, make sure to use an updated tool in such cases to avoid errors.

Don’t buy textbooks

Notice one thing that all college students have that high-schoolers don’t? That would be a bag full of books, heavy enough to break prison walls. While your seniors would tell you it’s uncool to bring reading materials in college, the reality is higher education is expensive. As a result, most students cannot afford to buy mint condition books first hand.

In such cases, there are several options that you can explore, which are much cheaper than scouring the earth to buy a $900 book for a single semester.

  • Buy cheaper e-book versions
  • Loan out the book from the library
  • Buy a second or third-hand copy from bookshops
  • Lend one from your senior

Keep track of your night outs

In college, it’s normal to want to attend every hangout with your friends and visit the club every other weekend. But ask yourself – do you have to be present at every single event? 

While the fear of missing out can make you visit a three-start Michelin restaurant to celebrate the cousin of your roommate’s half-brother’s close relative’s birthday, perhaps it is best to limit yourself to one night out every month. Otherwise, you won’t have a single dollar left to buy a term paper in case of an emergency.

No matter how much your think “I’ll save money from next month,” wishes don’t become a reality until you put your foot down and follow these baby steps. As long as you keep your expectations in check and restrain yourself from spending your savings to buy a term paper or splurge at an expensive restaurant, you’d be able to see a massive improvement in your bank account soon enough.  Also read- How Online Classes Impact Student’s Mental Health?


Saving money might seem impossible for a college student – but where there is a will, there is a way. This article explores four simple tips that can help you take a step in the right direction by cutting down unnecessary expenses.

Author bio:

Alley John is a professional assignment helper at MyAssignmenthelp.com, assisting students looking to buy a term paper. Wilkins is an avid fan of literature and plans to continue his doctorate in Modern Literature after completing his Masters.

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