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Do you use plastic bottles to drink water or juice? Well, this article is going to change that! Not that you will be drinking water or juice in silver containers, but it can change the DIY ideas you have. Plastic containers are super handy. You can use these amazing DIY ideas to decorate your home to perfection. And what would it cost you? Some craft that you can develop and used plastic products that you have all the time. So, if you are a housewife or even a working woman, this is going to be huge in your life. Even for men who take an interest in home decoration, this one will definitely work. Read the whole article and see how these products can be turned into super-looking decoration items. It will be easy and perfect for all kinds of fun-looking homes.

1: Pineapple Paint for Amazing DIY

Did you know you can turn a plastic bottle into a pineapple? It is true! You can turn your plastic bottle into an amazing DIY product. Would any PET plastic manufacturers know it? Surely not! Just bring a plastic bottle and cut it into a pineapple. 

All you need are these:

  • You need some yellow paint alongside black and red ones.
  • If you wish to make the top of the pineapple, you can also use some green paint.
  • One obvious thing you will need is a plastic bottle and scissors. 

Now, once you have all of these things with you, just cut the bottle in a pineapple shape. Make the top that will take some craft and art. And the remaining will come naturally as well. You just have to paint it the right way that you must have learned in your drawing classes at school. And, voila! There you have a perfect piece of art that no supplier of pet bottles could imagine—something completely beyond belief for such a person.

2: Containers to Hold Plants

Everyone loves plants, and they come naturally for people with a liking of nature. So, why not use plastic bottles for plants? Bottles can be something that can make your day with the creativity and kick you get from them. This one is a use that pet preform manufacturing companies would not imagine.

It would definitely bring a positive vibe into your day. It will be super simple that should make the perfect outcome for keeping plants. It’s way more simple than other types of products that you would use in DIY. You just need to:

  • Cut the top of the bottle.
  • Put the plant in the bottle inside some soil that could hold it.

Simple, and easy!

3: A Perfect Jewellery Holder

For women who are looking to hold some of their jewellery pieces, this one is an amazing DIY piece. When you are making something that can help you with jewellery, you need to have:

  • Some plastic bottles.
  • Scissors and some craft.
  • Another thing you must have is a shaft to hold the pieces of plastic bottles pieces.

Once you have all of these, just cut them in a simple way. What you to do is:

  • Cut as many bottoms of bottles as you wish to have in the piece of décor. 
  • Make a hole in all the pieces of bottle bottoms, and there you go, you have something to start with.
  • Fix the shaft with holes that you can use for support of these bottoms. And you have a structure perfect for jewellery products.

You can keep all kinds of small jewellery pieces in it. So, bring these easy steps and get a perfectly amazing DIY piece with the ability to carry small items.

Once you are done with making this kind of piece, you can keep these:

  • Small rings.
  • Earrings.
  • Even clips can stay there if you are looking for something beyond jewellery to keep.
  • Chians.
4: Bird Feeder

Bird feeders are something people love to keep, and sure they help birds! But, can you make them from unwanted plastic bottles? Sure, you can. Just four simple steps and you can call yourself a genius. Just do this:

  • Make a hole in the middle of a plastic bottle for a stick that could go through it. The stick should be broad enough to hold the feed of the bird once it comes out of the bottle. 
  • Make one side hole big enough to allow feed out of the bottle so that birds could have more and more.
  • Make a hole in the cap of the bottle to put a hook. The hook should be strong enough to hold the bottle.
  • Hang the bottle, oh sorry! The bird feeder with something reliable and done! You have an amazing looking bird feeder with perfect beauty.

It is nothing less than a perfect piece of décor for your lawn and garden. The plastic bottle price in Pakistan is nowhere near the plastic products that you can make with them. Therefore, plastic bottles are an amazing way to decorate your home. It will be nothing less than an astonishing and worth trying thing. 


DIY is important in every home, no matter it is big or small. If you are looking to add a flavour of your own to your decoration, these products are fit to perfection. You can use pet blow moulding bottles, injection blow-moulding bottles or whichever type you love to if you do not wish to buy a plastic bottle, not an issue! You can use a used one. What are you waiting for? Make a pineapple to hold your daily items or make a bird feeder with a plastic bottle. Such bottles would be nothing more than a useless or even harmful commodity for you. And you can bring a perfect-looking amazing decor from it—simple, easy, and crafted to perfection. Just simple equipment that you need and an articulated piece of craft will be there. It can be an easy journey with outcomes that will surely astonish you with perfection.

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