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4 Colours to Expand Space for Small Apartments

by Uneeb Khan

If you live in a small apartment, you know how hard it can be to set up a room that has enough space for all the things you need. If you are working with a small space, one way you can improve your space is to use colour to help expand that space. This blog outlines different colours and how they can help with creating an illusion of space.

The blog was written in response to a student assignment by someone looking for advice on how to make a small space feel bigger, as well as using colour palettes that could be used to help achieve this feel.

  1. Pale Blue

The delicate nature of pale blue makes a space feel open and airy. It looks lovely when the light comes in through translucent curtains and creates a relaxing atmosphere in the space. It produces a peaceful tone in any area when mixed with other light colours like pastel pink and white. This is a colour that has the ability to make a room appear larger. Internal spaces, such as bedrooms or baby rooms, are the ideal spaces to use blue.

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  1. Sea Green

Because it has a very simple look, sea green is a highly popular colour. Because the entire space is earthy, it goes nicely with wooden furniture and décor. This creates a pleasant atmosphere in the space and can be relaxing for everybody. If you decorate with other earthy tones and textures, you’ll notice how quickly the hue can refresh a room.

  1. Off-White

It’s easier to deal with off-white paint because it’s such a straightforward, clean colour. The gentle colour creates a more welcoming and open atmosphere. When you contrast the area with natural vegetation and bold hues, it begins to feel larger. It works well in settings where you want to relax or have fun, such as living rooms, because the off-white colour scheme seems more inviting.

  1. Taupe

A taupe wall is an excellent choice for tiny rooms since it is on the lighter side of the colour spectrum and provides a more vibrant alternative to tans and whites. These two colour options are mostly used when trying to make a small room appear bigger. Taupe is a soft, soothing colour that brightens up a room while also adding a pop of colour.

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These days, we spend a lot of time in our apartments, be it for work or for leisure. With work being so hectic and the amount of time we spend on other activities, this kind of living has become a necessity. Now, not only do you need indoor furniture, but you also need to decorate your living space.

At times, space is a constraint and there is a restriction on where and how you can place your furniture. In such times, you need to think outside the box and look for different ways to make your apartment look bigger and brighter. We hope these colours will perfectly suit your needs and add innovation to your space!

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