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3 Ways to Improve Your House in the New Year

by Uneeb Khan
3 Ways to Improve Your House in the New Year-featured

Do you have plans to do any home improvements this year? Fortunately, sprucing up your dwelling does not need a lengthy construction project. Here are some easy ideas to make your home better in the New Year, from conserving energy to updating the decor.

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Add fresh paint

Putting on a new coat of paint in the New Year is a great way to start again. It’s not only one of the simplest methods to upgrade your house, but it can also do wonders for giving the impression of more space and light. DIY painting is a great option for smaller spaces like bathrooms and bedrooms. I suggest having experts do major work like painting an entrance, staircase, and living rooms. Neutral hues like light greys and beiges are recommended for homeowners who want to sell their houses in the near future.

Invest in smart home devices

Smart home gadgets are a great investment for the New Year and may make a significant difference in your quality of life at home. Smart home technologies may reduce your monthly energy costs, make your new house safer, and simplify your life. Philips Hue Bulbs, a Nest Learning Thermostat, automatic window shades, a smart doorbell, and a robot vacuum are just a few of the smart home technologies you may want to consider installing in your house this year.

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Organize your closet

Getting your life in order is a great way to start off the New Year. Start your decluttering mission in the bedroom by cleaning up the drawers and closet. Sort through your stuff and ask yourself: Should I be wearing this? How current is it? Is there any emotional attachment to it? Will it be a good fit? What’s the condition like? If the item receives a resounding “no” to any of these questions, sort it into a charity pile, a sale pile, or a trash pile. The Goodwill is the place to take your gently used clothes and accessories donations. Use a website like Poshmark or an app like LetGo on your phone to sell them. Additionally, there is a consignment shop conveniently located close by. There will be more space for future styles and trends if you clear out your closets and drawers of unused apparel, shoes, and accessories.

3 Tips for Increasing Your Home’s Value

It may be a lengthy process to sell a house. Here are 3 ways to increase your home’s worth without breaking the bank.

Tip 1: Spend an Hour with a Pro

Call a real estate agent or a designer to come have a look around your house. While many brokers may do this as a favour, you should expect to pay a designer’s consultation charge. Get estimates from a few local designers; their hourly rates should be less than $100, and they should be able to provide you with a wealth of advice for improving your home in that time. Small changes, such as new paint or rearranging the furniture, may have a big impact on the overall feel and aesthetic of your house.

Tip 2: Inspect It

Sometimes you need to go beyond the surface with a renovation project. You can’t repair a leaking roof, a termite infestation, or an old electrical system if you don’t know it’s broken. Get an outsider’s opinion on the hidden parts of your house by hiring a professional inspector. Potentially damaging to your homes worth, any underlying issues may be uncovered during their inspection. The longer you wait to fix a minor issue (like a concealed water leak), the more money you’ll have to spend on fixing it.

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Tip 3: Paint, Paint, Paint

Painting is one of the quickest and cheapest ways to update your home. Rooms that have just been painted give off an impression of cleanliness and modernity, both of which add to their worth. Neutral hues, including beige, grey, and white, are liked by the most people and will make your property more marketable. You’ll have plenty of cash left over after purchasing paint, rollers, tape, drop cloths, and brushes, since a gallon of paint costs around $25 on average. Start some gallons and get to work.

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