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3 Steps to Improve Relationships Using the Enneagram

by Uneeb Khan

Deepening your connections with others is one of the most effective ways to use the Enneagram. I think that knowing people on a deeper level may help you work, live, or love them better.

The Enneagram will provide you with insight into what makes someone tick, and it often provides a perspective that may move your relationship beyond most interpersonal obstacles.

This information is so valuable that it is now being used by therapists, life coaches, and businesses to build more dynamic and efficient teams. This isn’t your typical typing system or hocus-pocus. Most have become much better, others have simply changed, and some have even decided to stop since they were no longer performing their intended function.

3 Steps to Better Relationships Using the Enneagram:

Determine Your Type and The Person You Want to Understand Better

I hope you already know your type and have a basic knowledge of the Enneagram. If not, I would recommend reading an overview of the Enneagram and its nine types.

Before attempting to better comprehend someone else, you need to first become familiar with the nine categories and your own type. An ounce of self-awareness is worth a pound of knowing others, just as it is with other aspects of human development.

If you’re having trouble determining your own type, I recommend taking a free Enneagram type test. These are not ideal, but they can typically categorize someone into one or two sorts, from which you may proceed.

Check Your Type Compatibility

A fantastic type compatibility chart is available from the Enneagram Institute. Searching for “Enneagram Institute Type Compatibility Chart” will take you there. You may choose your own kind as well as the type you want to learn more about.

This is a very complimentary pair: both are forceful, have great energy, are extroverted, and can be among people with considerable ease. Both kinds offer optimism, a feeling of potential, and a sense of rebirth to their relationships and the businesses in which they get engaged.

Although both are energized by engaging with others and may be outstanding communicators of their ideas and principles, Threes can work alone more readily than Sevens. Both are eloquent and articulate, as well as vivacious and handsome, which makes them desirable company.

Only Use This for Good, Not Evil

Once you’ve mastered all of this, you’ll have a wealth of insight into people’s motives. You also get a lot of insight into how you interact with people. It’s a lot of responsibility.

Don’t go abusing your authority and manipulating circumstances. Be good, and studying the Enneagram may offer a lot of clarity and calm to your relationships.

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