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12 Best Printable Models of 2022

by Jan Sher

Printable models are exciting and distinctive 3D prints that use a variety of hinges, links, and joints to produce moving pieces that are printed in one step. Many printable models may attain an incredible level of detail while remaining mobile. You can even print models that unfold to be greater than the size of your build plate using this technique!

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best printable models available for free download, so read on and choose your favorite! We constantly encourage our readers to get out there and print, but if you want to delegate any 3D printing worries, check out SelfCAD, our marketplace for 3D printing services.

But before we get to the models, we’ll give you some valuable tips on how to print 3D printable models successfully.

Printing hacks

Unsurprisingly, a model with moving parts is more challenging to print than a static element. When getting ready to print, you’ll need to pay more attention to the details.

Model Scale: While shrinking models for a test print or just to have a miniature version is fun, it’s important not to make them too small, or the parts will become stuck together.

Printer nozzle: Make sure you know everything there is to know about your printer’s specifications. The size of your nozzle should match the level of detail you require in the part’s hinges.

Temperature: Keep an eye on your extruder’s temperature. Overhangs and links may be difficult for your printer if you overheat it.

Supports: Check where your slicer places support material to avoid mistakenly blocking a model’s joints with supporting structures.

Best Software for Creating 3D Printable Models

There are alot of 3D modeling software available that one can use to create 3D printable models, but we recommend using SelfCAD. SelfCAD is a powerful and user-friendly 3D modeling software that is perfect for those who want to create 3D printable models. It’s one of the best Fusion 360 alternative as it’s easy to use and powerful at the same time.

With SelfCAD, you can easily create complex models with intricate details, and the software provides a wide range of tools for sculpting, editing, and texturing your creations.

In addition, SelfCAD offers an impressive array of features for optimizing your models for 3D printing, such as automatic mesh repair and support generation. Best of all, SelfCAD has a free version, an affordable option for those just getting started with 3D printing.

SelfCAD also has an in-built slicer that you can use to prepare your designs for 3D printing without having to switch to a different software to prepare your designs for 3D printing.

Whether you’re a experienced designer or a complete beginner, SelfCAD is the perfect software for creating 3D printable models.

So, let’s move on to the exciting part: the models!

Best 3D Printable Models

1. Articulated Onix

3D Print of Articulated Onix: Image Source: Cults 3D

3D Print of Articulated Onix: Image Source: Cults 3D

Starting with the fantastical, everyone’s favorite enormous rock snake has arrived! Since the bulk of this massive articulated Pokémon will cover many build plates, make sure your printer is up to the task. As with many articulated models, resizing is possible but not recommended.

To be quite honest, the horn is separate from the head, so some assembly is required, but not much. According to some reviews, you may want to drop the body below the plate by roughly 0.3 mm when printing, as the artist’s signature on the bottom of the model can cause adhesion concerns.

Who created it? Body-3D

Is it printable/well-liked? On Thingiverse, this Pokémon print has 14 Makes and a funny Remix featuring The Rock!

Where can I look for it? Thingiverse

2. Animal Collection

3D Printed Animals: Image Source: Pinterest

This item is unique on our list because it is a collection of commonly created creatures rather than a single model. You can tell they’re from the same “family” since they have two black dot eyes and square features. You’ll have a complete farm once you’ve printed all of these tiny creatures!

Who created it? Katherine Marguerite

Is it printable/well-liked? The majority of the models in the collection have received roughly 200 downloads, but no manufacturers have yet posted their bunnies or other barnyard pets. However, the drawings appear rather simple, so don’t worry about being the first!

Where can I look for it? MyMiniFactory

3. Geared Maker Coin

3D Print of geared maker coin: Image Source: prusaprinters.com

When members of a squad or branch were “challenged” or told to identify themselves, they would display the coin as proof of membership. This one spins to demonstrate that you’re a part of the global Maker community.

To begin, the author suggests printing at a layer height of 0.35 mm, or 0.2 mm if you have a well-tuned printer. However, you can use as little as 15% infill. It’s advised that you use at least 20% to avoid brittleness.

Who created it? Ryan1705

Is it printable/well-liked? This coin has received over 10,000 views and is included in 15 MyMiniFactory collections.

Where can I look for it? MyMiniFactory

4. Gyroscope Maze

3D Printable Gyroscope Maze: Image Source: prusaprinters.com

The interlocking rings in this small toy keep your fingers busy for hours. This is not just one of the most fun fidgets available, but it’s also small enough to fit in your pocket or even wear around your neck!

You’ve got yourself the perfect toy when you combine its portability with the countless possibilities of mazes you can create with it.

Who created it? JustinSDK

Is it printable/well-liked? This fidget was printed more than ten times. Some people mentioned that their printers had overlapping layers, which may be avoided if the model was not scaled down.

Where can I look for it? Thingiverse

5. Robotic Man

3D Printed Robotic man: Image Source: Do 3D Portfolio

This articulated humanoid robot might be the ideal toy for kids or adults! It moves and looks like an action figure, but with one major difference: it can be printed in a single piece. Experiment with different poses for him!

Who created it? Zippityboomba

Is it well-known/printable? This model has around 800 downloads and has been viewed over 10,000 times.

Where can I look for it? Cults

6. Spinning Snowflake

3D Printed Spinning Snowflake: Image Source: prusaprinters.com

This small ornament will brighten any area, no matter what time of year! The central snowflake spins inside three stars, each independent of the others. It’s a lovely decoration for your home or a thoughtful present for the holidays!

This may be printed without any support. However,  a small tab must be cut away with an X-Acto knife before you spin the object.

Who created it? Tony Goes Horseback Riding

Is it printable/well-liked? This star has been added to 9 collections and has had over 250 downloads.

Where can I look for it? MyMiniFactory

7. Iris Box

3D Printed Irish Box: Image Source: GrabCAD

This ingenious container is perfect for keeping miniature goods. This box can be opened and closed with a single twisting motion.

It may take some time to get the mechanism going at first, which is why you should carefully select your filament and keep watch on it as it expands and retracts. Nobody will believe it was just printed in one piece!

Who created it? Frank26080115

Is it printable/well-liked? Seven other designers have posted their boxes in a rainbow of hues.

Where can I look for it? Pinshape

8. Wrench

3D Printable Wrench: Image Source: thingiverse.com

Adjustable wrenches are useful tools because they may be used to move or clamp items of various sizes. The flexible component of the clamp mechanism is moved back and forth by a rotatable worm screw on this wrench. The wrench has pre-installed supports that may be easily removed once the print is complete.

To be clear, you do not need to enable supports to print this model because they are already In-built. According to the creator, the wrench was also printed in ABS with a 0.2-mm layer height.

Who created it? barspin

Is it printable/well-liked? There are 475 recorded Makes, 34 Remixes, and over 300,000 downloads for this handy utility design!

Where can I look for it? Thingiverse

9. Pliers

3D Printed Pliers: Image Source: Free 3D

Pliers are a necessary element of any maker’s toolkit, and this model is a set of parallel grip pliers that can be printed in models. The handles are symmetrical and contain a connection near the tip that allows the instrument to clamp down, similar to scissors. Internal pins also support the handles.

The designer has provided both a conventional STL file and one that can be used with dual extrusion to create a multi-color part. These functional pliers shouldn’t require any assistance.

It was created by whom? dsk001

Is it widely available and printable? More than 4,200 people have viewed and downloaded these pliers.

What is the best place to look? MyMiniFactory

10. Ball Bearing

3D Printed Ball Bearing: Image Source: CGTrader

These bearings can significantly improve your rotating parts in modest 3D printing projects or DIY woodworking. Just be sure you don’t overestimate the material’s strength!

Some customers have issues with the balls adhering to the two rings, although this is usually resolved by slowing the printing speed.

Who created it? barspin

Is it printable/well-liked? Over 86,000 people have downloaded this project, with 78 individuals contributing prints and six remixes.

Where can I look for it? Thingiverse

11. Blooming Flower

Printed Blooming Flower: Image Source: Pinshape

This natural ornament would make a great addition to your home. You can watch the flower bloom with one twist and fold it back up with another.

Who created it? Jhuttula

Is it printable/well-liked? On Pinshape, this lovely flower has 48 likes, and the reviews indicate that at least several people have successfully printed it.

Where can I look for it? Pinshape

12. Phone/Tablet Stand

3D Printed Phone Stand: Image Source: All3DP

This printable design is available in three sizes and is a simple print that can be used to hold a tablet or phone, allowing you to keep your hands free.

The model folds out to provide consumers with a comfy spot to position their device while making the print easy to transport. The designer included three sizes for this stand, giving you some flexibility depending on the size of the device you want the model to hold.

Who created it? Joining

Is it printable/well-liked? There are 160 recorded Makes, 18 Remixes, and almost 210,000 downloads on this multi-purpose gadget stand! Many people have printed this printable model successfully, and you too can!

Where can I look for it? Thingiverse

These are some of the best printable models that we suggest. You can download them, slice them and generate the g-code that you can send to your 3D printer.


Unless you’re talking about amazing models to 3D print, 2022 may not be the year we hope for. Every month, designers dazzled us, sometimes riding a pop-cultural wave and sometimes driving it.

In this article, we have collected the most entertaining new models we printed in 2022 and felt compelled to share them on social media. Enjoy.

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