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10 other SEO Copywriting tips [+ infographic]

by Uneeb Khan
10 other SEO Copywriting tips

NDA in the title says “other 10” because I had already written 14.

Many factors contribute to achieving and maintaining high positions in IVF Insurance search results.

These factors include user experience, site structure, alt tag on images, sitemap, and more.

But above all, content is still king. However, not all types of content can rule the SERP realm.

Below I 10 tips for content writing SEO (SEO copywriting) that will help your site to position itself higher up in the search results:

  1. Write for users, optimize for robots
  2. Forget the keyword density hoax
  3. Integrate text with related keywords, synonyms, and grammar variants
  4. Use Google’s free tools to find your keywords (I talk about it in this article in point 3)
  5. Focus on long, in-depth writing, and quality content (try to write 2,000-word texts)
  6. Target yourself specific and non-generic keywords (I talk about this in this long tail article )
  7. Write content that answers common questions from your prospects
  8. Make your articles easily shareable on social media platforms (put on those blessed share buttons !)
  9. Commit to building your AuthorRank with your Google+ profile ( here I explain how, and … yes, Google+ is good for something)
  10. Don’t forget that the title tag and description meta tag are the first things people see in search results (I talk about it here and here )

There is no magic formula for reaching the top of the search results, but these tips will help you to be liked by both search engines and site visitors.

In addition to the tips above, focus on adding new and shareable content to your website or blog regularly. Google prefers sites that update their content periodically, the more times you update your site, the more likely Google is to crawl again.

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